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The Future of Us by Jay Asher
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Dec 19, 11

really liked it
Recommended for: Late 20th century teens :)
Read from December 15 to 17, 2011

This book was super duper cute!! But is it for the kids? That is the question.

There's nothing dirty, a cuss word here and there, and the characters are pretty wholesome.

Sounds perfect, right? But will the kids dig it?!

Set in 1996, Emma gets her very first computer. Her neighbor, Josh, gets a free trial of AOL Cd-rom in the mail and gives it to her so she can get on the internet.

Emma uses the disk and before her very eyes her future is told.

But how? How can a computer tell your future?

Well, that's the fun part of the story because Emma has discovered a time portal. A time portal called FACEBOOK!!!

My thoughts:
How freaking CLEVER!! I mean, wow!! What an idea! Sure, it kinda reminded me of "The Lake House" and "The Family Man" and maybe even "Back to the Future" but I really dug how this was set in the 90s and the kids find themselves in their 30s on Facebook.

I also liked all the nostalgia of this book. Beepers, Wayne's World, Oasis, and fun! That's right, fun! Kids now a-days (omg... I feel so old) don't know how to have fun like we did... this book includes one of my most favorite memories... A PIZZA PLACE ARCADE with BALL PIT included!! Loved that!

But is this believable?
Well, I guess in a fantasy YA book it is believable. I totally would have bought it 15 years ago. But what about today? I'd really like to hear a 16 year old's review on this book. I for one loved it because it brought back so many memories (SHa-WING!) but I'm not sure if a kid would enjoy this. Perhaps this is just a 30-something Ya book.

The Characters:
All were cute!

Emma was just like a 90-something girl. She was in band and on track and had her own car and came from a broken home.

Josh was the lovable next door neighbor who will skateboards and will let you borrow his coat whenever you want.

The tension between them is also very interesting. Throughout the story you know that something happened when they went to go see Toy Story six months ago and as the story goes on you learn why they feel all weird when around each other. It's a classic neighbor boy/girl story that I couldn't get enough of.

Final Thoughts:
I totally recommend this book. It doesn't take long to read and it will defiantly put a smile on your face by the time you are done. I still wonder if a 21st century teen would dig it. But I know for a fact all us late 20th century teens will fall back in love with memories we thought we forgot.
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12/15/2011 page 20
6.0% "I had no idea what this book was about. Apparently, it's set in 1996. Emma gets a computer and Josh has an AOL cd for her to instal. And when Emma does that she can now see her status updates from the present year on Facebook. Is this going to be like the Lakehouse without the mailbox?"
12/15/2011 page 39
11.0% "My family didn't get internet until 1995. But when I heard about it in like 1991 or 92 (I think I was in 8th grade), I honestly thought that the Information Superhighway was an actual ROAD being built ;) How far we've come lolz"
12/16/2011 page 121
34.0% "I unlock my car and we both climb in. As Dylan pulls around hi seatbelt, I notice the 3 books on his lap. Weetzie Bat and 2 more from the Dangerous ANgels series."
12/16/2011 page 232
65.0% "As a 33 year old I find the plot very very interesting, but I'm curious how a 14 year old would feel about this book. Do you think it would start conversations with the parents about their childhood?"
12/16/2011 page 272
76.0% "This is a very cool book. I love how short it is (the font is pretty big) and I actually am enjoying the duel povs. I still wonder what a kid from this generation would think about it. I guess if this was written back in 1996 it would have been a Magic 8 ball giving out the future to a 1960s kid ;)"

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message 1: by AH (new)

AH A time portal to Facebook? Sounds like a scary book, lol. Great review, Greta.

Greta is Erikasbuddy It was kind of like Back to the Future part 2 but instead of a time machine they had Facebook ;)

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