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Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris
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Aug 30, 11

really liked it
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Read from August 28 to 30, 2011

Kate is your average geek girl high school student. She gets ignored by most people. Those that don't ignore her pick on her. But she is also the student sports medicine assistant for their losing football team, which means whenever there is a medical emergency suddenly everyone remembers her name and comes calling.

That's how it started. She arrives at a party she didn't want to go to in time for Mike, the grubby handsy football jock, to puke black stuff on her car, grab her butt and walk away. Only a few minutes later is when Aaron, high school quarter back & Kate's dream boy, grabs her hand takes off running. Apparently there is some sort of emergency with Mike the groper, and it's bad...like OMG THAT DUDE IS DEAD STIFF, bad. So why is it that all Kate is thinking, Ummmm like Aaron is totally touching me!!!?

This book was hilarious most of the time. I mean yes there was a few parts where I was like Really?!, but I have to tell you as a general rule this girl *points to self* has an issue with "stupid" funny. Like the movie Anchorman for instance? Yea I fell asleep in the theatre during that. However the second time I watched it at home I was laughing, and by the third time I was quoting it....so ya see it takes me a minute to warm up to it. This book was no exception. In the beginning I was that girl that fell asleep in the theatre, and by the end I am the girl whose laughing out loud and her mother-n-law is giving her weird looks! lolz

If you enjoy a good comedy then this book is for you. Pick it up and breeze through it. It is a fun light read that I would say kind of reminds me of Shaun of the Dead meets YA teens. It will leave you thinking things like...Ewwww so that's what it taste like to kiss a zombie.

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Reading Progress

08/28/2011 page 20
10.0% "Feeling a little scattered right now" 3 comments
08/29/2011 page 86
43.0% ""I looked around, trying to get my bearings. Everyone in the room stared at me like they expected me to grow fangs and sparkle. " Lmfao!! And ummmm sparklepires don't have fangs, remember?! Lol"
08/29/2011 page 94
47.0% ""at least it wasn't spurting; I began to consider the non-gush factor the most beneficial side effect of zombieness. Because standing there in the middle of the street with a severed foot in my hand, I pretty much bought into the while zombie idea for good. ""
08/29/2011 page 129
64.0% "A zombie epidemic striking at the same time I get asked out by the boy of my dreams. Who would have thought?"
08/30/2011 page 191
95.0% ""I stumbled into a clearing. In the springtime, it was probably the kind of place you'd like to hang out with sparkly vampires. But it was slightly less attractive in the rain. The blurry zombies didn help either." Lolz"

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Greta is Erikasbuddy I hear bad boys taste like chicken ;)

Darkfallen "I'm yellow and I taste like chickaaaaannnnnnn" HAHAHAHAS that's Robin Williams in Robots in case you were wondering;)

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