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Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn
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Jun 12, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: historical-romance, 2011
Read from June 09 to 12, 2011

Another classic Julia Quinn novel. There wasn't anything new brought to the table but it was still fantastic. It's simple, light, funny, and everything I was looking for.

Marcus and Honoria's story was very drama-free but incredibly heartwarming. These two have grown up together, though not necessarily friends but semi-friends, I suppose. Marcus is Honoria's brother's best friend. He spent a lot of his childhood visiting the Smythe-Smiths, basically becoming an honorary member (after Honoria told him she hated him, LOL). So naturally Marcus and Honoria know each other very well. There was a lovely chemistry between the two, even more so when their feelings further developed. I mean, did you READ when Marcus said he wasn't looking at Sarah. Holy smokes, that whole scene made me weak in the knees.


While I am on the subject of Marcus, I want to say it was nice to have a hero who's just a good guy. I believe even in the book, Marcus was described as the “perfect gentleman” who wasn't a flirt nor rogue. He was shy if you're looking for something to nitpick. LOL. Some sweet quotes from him:
“[Honoria] was his friend. Even if she never loved him, she would always be his friend. And he could no more hurt her deliberately than he could slice off his right hand.”
“And Honoria...
She looked so lovely that he wanted to cry. Or possibly murder her violin.
She was the glue holding this ridiculous quartet together, and he could not have loved her more.”
“He wanted to tell her he thought she was quite possibly the bravest, most unselfish person he knew. He wanted to tell her that he would sit through a thousand Smythe-Smith musicales if that was what it took to be with her.
He wanted to tell her loved her.”

Siiiiigh. Also that bit about murdering her violin made me crack up so much. As expected there were a lot of quips at the lacking musical talent in the family.

And Honoria, while I can't say she's a stand-out, fascinating character either, I did enjoy her a lot. She's just nice girl with a big heart. I felt like she was a perfect match to Marcus and not just because she adored sweets as much as he did (that was so cute).

I think those fans who've been following Quinn's work will be pleased with some of the little easter eggs connecting her books together.

+ Gregory Bridgerton is invited to a small house party Honoria's friend throws. In this timeline, he's in his last year of university. Sarah, Honoria's cousin, describes him as a romantic...enough to elope. Ha.

+ Honoria's mother tells Honoria to let Marcus borrow her book Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron by Sarah Gorely. Those who've read Ten Things I Love About You recognize that as one of Sebastian Grey's (the hero of Ten Things) novels. Hee!

+ Lady Danbury calls Marcus her second favorite nephew. Her first, if anyone recalls, is James Sidwell (Marquis of Riverdale) from the Ex-Spies series.

+ And of course, Colin Bridgerton himself makes an appearance. Let's take a moment and have a collective sigh. These quotes describe him spot-on: “His charm was almost as legendary as his smile.” and "Honoria decided that in his case, it was right and proper to listen to gossip—he was an incredible flirt.” Amen. Then, I also loved how they talked about Gregory and Colin tells her a “secret” about his brother: “he's been known to catapult peas across the supper table.” Aww, I'm almost positive that was from the first Bridgerton book.

And on the subject on Colin and Lady Danbury, it was hilarious when Marcus looked over to them after he had a little argument with Honoria. Colin smirking and waving his bandaged hand at him while Lady Danbury had a smug satisfied look. Hahaha. I loved it.

And I do have a few questions:
+ Neville Berbrooke was mentioned as Gregory Bridgerton's brother's wife's sister's husband's brother (oh lord) and well, I think there might be continuity issues there, no? Colin is obviously not married later in Just Like Heaven when he's conversing with her after the Smyth-Smith musicale. Hmm...
+Who was the wallflower Marcus was standing next to? The one who looked familiar to him? She ended up going to get an éclair. I was thinking it was Penelope Featherington since it was Lady Bridgerton's party but I'm not sure.
+Next who is Anne Wynter, the Pleinsworth governess? She looked familiar to Marcus, but why? I didn't think she was the same person from the Bridgerton family.

All I can say now is that I'm looking forward to the next book. I'm curious to see which Smythe-Smith “musician” will be next.

Oh, also, A+ to the cover! It's perfect.
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