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The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen
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Jun 09, 2011

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In a small southern town, where the rich control everything and the poor get by, socialite Paxton and outcast Willa are about to be thrown together and find out that they do have things in common after all. Apparently their grandmothers shared a secret involving a body, a peach tree, and an old house, and that secret is about to be unearthed.

Normally I adore Sarah Addison Allen's books, so I'm disappointed that I didn't like this more. I just wanted...MORE. There was so much going on in the book that everything had to be glossed over to fit within 300 pages. There's a ghost, a dead magic man, a new hotel, and the social event of the season. There are relationships, or non-relationships, between parents and children, between women and their peers, between former high school classmates, between grandparents and grandchildren, and between two elderly women. There's an intriguing theory about coffee orders, a peach orchard, and some waterfalls. Almost every page introduces an entirely new story or idea, but none of those ideas are finished or even explained.

And the story that the author decided to go with was a little bit...boring. Two women who barely know each other become friends. In fact, they become such great friends, over the course of about three days, that they call each other every single day for the rest of their lives just to check in. It's heartwarming and all, but I felt like the author was teasing us with tantalizing bits of more exciting stories. The two main characters were caricatures of southern women: the aristocrat and the have-not outcast. I wanted to know more about Sebastian--HE was a cool character. The grandmothers were great--why couldn't we see more of them? And minor-character Rachel deserves her own book.

The book should have been either longer or narrower. It just promised a lot that it couldn't deliver.

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