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Demon Song by Cat Adams
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Jun 08, 2011

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I should have written the review when I finished, it would have been more detailed. But what I can say is that although the series in general and this book specifically is fast-paced and pretty-much fun, there are a lot of irritations. The authors do stupid things like making a huge point in book two of having Celia give her incredibly valuable knife that's the only thing in the world that can kill a siren other than jealousy to the siren queen, a knife that took Celia's ex, one of the most powerful mages in the world, five years of bleeding himself every day, to make. But the queen just gave it back to Celia because that was convenient for the plot. It's lazy storytelling. If you don't want to get yourself into a corner, don't write yourself there, and if you do, work with it. They do that kind of thing a lot. Like super hot Creed (one of the good things in the book), a huge international business owner, wanted Celia to test his cool, expensive, one-of-a-kind-only-he-could-make-it-because-he's-a-hot-sh**-mage-and-techie-combined new spy device. After they hadn't even seen each other in a month. Because she gets into such interesting situations. I guess no one who works for his huge international security company gets into any interesting situations. Why didn't he just make it a gift, for goodness sakes? That would at least have made sense. And there was a lot of random running around. And the end was just dumb. The big sacrifice was awful; Celia said, "What the hell?" and I did too, it was just out of the blue and totally pointless. I still like Celia a lot and I do want to see what happens next, but these books really should be better with such experienced authors.

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06/08/2011 page 1
0.0% "I don't really like the "To Our Readers." Why do they have to explain what's going to happen? I bet I could have figured out that this was a turning point in Celia's life and that she was going to be more proactive about her problems without them explaining up front. And it would have been more fun. I'm not 12. And this isn't even YA. Weird." 1 comment
06/09/2011 page 39
9.0% "There's no way the queen would have given that knife back, way to valuable/useful. These guys do lazy stuff like that a lot."

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