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Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost
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"You're hot, big deal," I shot back, refusing to let his knowledge of my most intimate thoughts daunt me. "I'm attracted to a lot of hot guys. If Chris Hemsworth were here, I'd light him up like a firecracker with his fast I'd jump on him."

I feel like I have been waiting for ONCE BURNED forever. I mean this is Vlad's book, so it's a MUST that it just has to be out of this world amazing, right? We first met Vlad in the Night HUntress Series and it was instant love from there on out! Unfortunately, Vlad's book didn't hold up to my expectations too much! Don't get me wrong it was still great, but I was hoping it would be as great if not better than the first Night Huntress book, have the same vibe, but it wasn't.

“Why would I seek to break your heart?”
“Because you can be a merciless bastard at times,” I answered honestly.
A smile flitted across his lips. “True, but I want you with me.”

I liked Lelia as the heroine! She has had a hard life and has had heartbreak time and time again. She had this accident a long time ago and now and cannot really touch anyone because anyone who comes within contact of her she can electrocute them with her touch. And if she touches an object she is able to read/see the person's past. Which I believe is called psychometry. Leila is not as bad-ass as Cat is of course, but in her attitude she is. She is very strong-willed too, which I love. There were parts where I wanted her to give in to Vlad so bad!

“I can give you honesty, monogamy, and more passion than you can stand, but not love. That emotion died in me long ago, as I suspect you already know.”

I loved Vlad! How could I not! Vlad is very alpha to me and I Just love it! I especially loved his scenes with Lelia! They were so cute together! I couldn't get enough. Vlad is ruthless and can sometimes be cruel which Leila has a big problem with, but I think he is perfect for her! I did feel with ONCE BURNED something to Vlad was missing that caused me to not like the book that much and I think it was that sarcastic attitude Vlad has every time Bones shows up and makes you laugh, that was it! I missed that! And it felt like a big missing piece! I felt like my favorite part was when Bones showed up because we got that!

I loved the first half of the book and I think it was because we were meeting everyone and we get to watch Vlad trying to seduce Leila and I think I Just liked it when they were stuck in Vlad's castle in Romania! The second half of the book was very flat for me. I was bored. I kept putting down the book. I really think that I had such high expectations for ONCE BURNED that it fell flat for me. I still liked the book, I just didn't love as much as I felt I should've.
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Jeaniene Frost
“I'm attracted to a lot of hot guys. If Chris Hemsworth were here, I'd light him up like a firecracker with how fast I'd jump on him.”
Jeaniene Frost, Once Burned

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Jamie Yaeh! SO exciting!

Mariya I know! I can't wait! 2012 is too far away =DDDDDDDDDD

message 3: by Ceitidh (new)

Ceitidh How is this one going my dear? =9

Mariya Really good! Vlad's yummy! <33333

message 5: by Ceitidh (new)

Ceitidh kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 adding this one to the pile =9 yum!

message 6: by Ceitidh (new)

Ceitidh Mariya <3
Can you recommend me the BEST UF you have read during the last 12 months? =9

message 7: by Mariya (last edited Jun 28, 2012 05:28PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mariya Oh, Natalia, so much you've missed! Haha!. Okay, let me check what I"ve read last year and this year in UF!...Hmmmmm...

Girl, READ MAGIC SLAYS! CURRAN!!!! And a few Curran POV's came out too!

Dark Descendant by Jenna Black is kinda bad ass! I loved it! About descendants of gods. Haha! Duh, the title! But totally cool!

Shadowflame by Dianne Sylvan may break your heart!

Dragon BOund by Thea Harrison is cute! And the hero is totally ALpha and MINE!!! Haha!

Read Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett! You will fall for the hero's son! He is sooooo funny! I wanna him all to myself! LOL

I told u about The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie! You will love! I haven't loved the others in the series b/c they don't hold up to Ian's book, but this is a must read romance book! Oh, and it's by Jennifer Ashley!

The Shadow Reader by Sandy WIlliams is a fae book, it was 4 stars for me, but the hero was totally off the charts! Haha!

Bared to you by Sylvia Day is a erotic romance that I loved to death! I recommend! :)

Man, feels like I haven't read that many UF this year. Most of those were from last year! GOtta get a move on!

message 8: by Ceitidh (new)

Ceitidh OMG!! thank you so much my dear!! I already read CUrran, at least there is a new one out. =9 Im TOTALLY reading Dark Descendant!! It's been on my list forever and I think it will be my next week's adult UF to read =D yay!! about the other.. hell!! Im so adding all of those to my pile!!! kyaaaaaa! havent read Shadowflme yet, shame on me! I NEED the hot dude SOlomon I think it was his name or something =9 THank you SO much my dear for these recommendations!!!! I'll drool non-stop from now on! hohohoho!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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