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Autumn by David Moody
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Jun 08, 2011

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Everyone loves a good zombie book. That's the main reason I picked this book up. I've read both Hater and Dog Blood by the same author as this book, David Moody, and liked it so much that I didn't mind picking up this one by the same author. Low and behold, I liked this one just the same for all the aspects of diction, imagery, details, and language.
The diction was good. Page 11 says, " he touched his skin. It felt clammy and unnatural, almost like wet leather." I like how the author chose to describe the skin of the dead kid as clammy and unnatural versus something cliche like 'it felt cold to the touch.' The effect this has on the readers is instantaneous because he can then imagine just what the author wants us to imagine; a specific type of dead perhaps and not the usual dead skin feel.
The imagery was immediate. Page 59 says, "He felt dirty. He'd have paid any price to have been able to relax in a hot bath or shower and follow it up with a night spent in a comfortable bed." The author could have stopped when he said the character felt dirty. I thought of obviously dirt on his face perhaps or on his clothes but 'dirty' could mean a lot of things and paints a lot of pictures. The author went on to tell us how he wished for a shower and a good night sleep which effected the readers because they could see the author meant a different type of dirty; one where he might have itched all over and grimaced at himself as he sat there.
The details were superb. Page 33 says, "The corpse was that of a teenage boy...his head against the curbstone. His neck was broken, twisted around at an unnatural angle, his glazed eyes staring up into the sky." Although this could easily be tied into imagery, I chose it as details. The author went a good length to accurately describe just what he wanted the readers to see. It wasn't just a boy whose head was broken, his head was facing the sky, "as if he was searching for explanations."
The language was good. Page 190 says, "He felt most sorry for Veronica, the girl who'd come to them looking for help and shelter. She'd have been better off staying away..." The ellipsis at the end is actually a part of the quote and doesn't signify me excluding words afterwards. The sentence ends like that. The effect this has on the readers is that we have to take the initiative perhaps to fill in the blank. The author could have ended with a period and the sentence would be just fine. The ellipsis has a different effect.
Overall, the book was not bad.

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0.0% "The one and only reason I picked this book up: it was on the floor of the library and the cover was just oh-so-attractive that I couldn’t let it lie there. Okay, I lied. Two reasons: pretty cover and I read two others books, a sequel in fact, by the author of this book. David Moody. I’m guessing it has something to do with zombies, like his other books."
4.0% "So far, it seems like there is some type of apocalyptic type thing going on just like I assumed. The author wrote two other books just like this. Already in the book, over 90 percent of the population has dropped dead. They start coughing and choking on apparently nothing and blood and spittle stain the streets, cars, classes, homes, wherever people are. Then they drop dead. Except for like 2 percent of the town."
74.0% "This is the list of creepy events that have happened in the book so far. Day One: people cough a mysterious throat wrenching cough and drop motionless to the ground. Only 26 are alive in this town. Day Two: The 26 people find each other. Day Three: The bodies get up and start walking around without reason. Day Six: The bodies respond to noise. Day Seven: the bodies attack people. Ive got 78 pages to go. Still lost!"

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