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Ashfall by Mike Mullin
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Jun 12, 2011

really liked it

I started obsessing with the fact that Yellow Stone National park is a supervolcano because if it erupt again, it will wipe out California -completely!, that is according to Discovery Channel anyways, let's hope they are wrong. So, when I read the word Yellowstone on the blurb, I don't need much convincing to read this book.
I am so excited! The best post-apocalyptic YA novel that I've read was Life As We knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer and I though there is nothing quite like it. The events that was written on that book gave me chills and I still remember how that felt like and now it has happened all over again.

The story starts off with Alex recalling the last memory he had with his mother before they left that Friday, when everything he knew came to an end. He was also playing WoW (World of Warcraft) when this happened, which made me mention this to my friend, that too much WoW is not only annoying, it can also end the world. Totally unrelated so, let's get back to the book. So... at first the light went out and in a manner of seconds (it seems like) all hell broke loose. The power went out, it was pitch black for days. There was this loud noise that goes on for days. It rained with ashes, falling from the sky. Water became undrinkable. Food become scarce. The clouds of smoke was blocking the sun. Everything is different, bad and terrifying.

I never had to endure what Alex had, but I know for a fact that Mike Mullin has written a very real image of what could happen if a volcano, what more if super volcano erupts. There's no way to sugar coat it. It will be almost like hell on earth. A lot of bad behavior will come out of people, so some violent parts in this book was necessary. (home invasion, murder, looting, etc) In an event like this, Alex's taekwondo skills came in handy and I found myself cheering for him every time he gets to use it. There is also always a religious zealot in an apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic book! Their presence really makes me mad. But it is fitting in a setting like this. This book has taken me to a different kind of fear. But it is more like, I am now really serious of preparing a backpack with necessary supplies in case disaster like this is to take place. It has given me a very clear mental picture on what possible scenarios might happen and what kind of actions I might need to take in order to survive or get to my loved ones. It is a great book that every one needs to add to their post-apocalyptic collection.
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