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Code Lightfall and the Robot King by Daniel H. Wilson
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Jun 08, 2011

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Read in August, 2011

I often say that books aimed primarily at younger readers can also be enjoyed by adults. Having read this one, I'm not so sure. The reason is simply because the story is childish. It's not a particularly simple story, and it does have an interesting twist at the end, but the plot has a lot of things that a child might find exciting, or realistic, that an Adult probably wouldn't. Of course, it's aimed at children - so if you're looking for a book for your kids, then this could be a good one for you.

Essentially, it's about a schoolboy, who finds a secret world. To me, the world was all a bit unrealistic, even in fantasy terms, but there were some interesting aspects, including at the very end when we learn a little bit more about how it was built. The idea of having separated the world of robots from the human one is interesting, and the various reasons and discussions on the fact were actually quite interesting.
But there were things that weren't. Some of the obstacles I found a little boring - when the main character (Code) steals some giant's soup, it all seemed like Jack and the Beanstalk to me. And then he draws a robot and it actually becomes one, which I felt was silly. Especially since an earlier robot was being made at a factory, and this one just drops out of a machine.

I could imagine the book as a cartoon though. I think it would work quite well on Kids TV. Some of the aspects, such as the Giant Robot's scene I just mentioned would add some humour, and there would be other scenes that work well.

Overall, while I enjoyed some scenes, there were about half that I didn't find fully engaging. But I could see that a child could easily enjoy the book, and although I don't have any of my own kids to try it out on, I would recommend it for them.

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