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Red by Sammy Hagar
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Dec 04, 11

really liked it
Read in May, 2011

I'm a huge fan of Sammy Hagar. Now, if you had ask me during the Van Halen days when Roth and the boys were at their Apex if I would ever accept anyone, let alone Sammy as the new lead singer I would have told you to "fuck off". Come to think of it, that's exactly what I did say.

But ever since 5150 dropped, I have been a fan of his. The guy just brings so much raw energy to whatever he does and on top of that he gives some of the best interviews out there and is a likable guy. After reading the excerpt of Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine a few months ago, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. Reading those few pages about his time with the Van Halen brothers had me convinced this was going to be the greatest Rock Bio of all time.

That was not the case here. The book is a very good and easy read. But it's far from perfect. It starts off rather slow. It's not until we get into his Montrose days does the book kick it up a notch. But once it gets into the Van Halen years or more to the point of when Sammy dishes on all things Eddie and Alex does this book go to a completely different level. You will find yourself turning pages as fast as you can. This is the fastest I have ever read any book. Less than a day. Sheesh!

Me and my buddy Rich (should I have phrased it like that? It sounds like I'm talking about a drummer. Haha.) have been talking about Van Halen and all the fucked up things in and out of this band for years. So this book is like reading what we have always been talking about for the last 10 years. This is good stuff right here and will have you looking at Eddie in a completely different light.

Unfortunately these are the only high points of the book. There's plenty here to keep you busy. But I was disappointed that there wasn't more to the story about his tour with David Lee Roth. I knew there was some bad blood between the two out on the road and I was hopeful that we would get all the dirt once and for all. Sadly, that doesn't happen here.

After such a huge, thrilling ride for pretty much the entire book, it goes flat at the end. Not a whole lot was said about Chickenfoot at all to close it out which is kind of disappointing.

Having said that, I can absolutely recommend this book if your wanting to hear some juicy details about the VH boys.

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