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Gone by Michael  Grant
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Jul 17, 2014

really liked it
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Read from June 11 to 12, 2011

Minor Spoilers. Bad language. Read at risk.

You've either read the book or you haven't. I'm not going to summarize. One, because it makes me feel stupid if someone corrects me. Two, because you should read it without knowing what happens. Haha. Mainly this is a character summarization from my point of view.

Sam Temple: School Bus Sam. Famous for pulling over a bus in seventh grade when the driver had a stroke. He's not popular but I think that's by choice. He's attractive, smart. But he shys away from attention. Fades. When everyone over 15 disappears, they look toward him for leadership. He shys away, until he realizes rule under Orc or Caine is dangerous. Then he fights back. I like Sam. He has good heart & he's extremely forgiving. But he pisses me off. Desperate times call for desperate measures. He's always looking for the nice way to do things. You see an example of this especially at the end. P.S I think it's cute he's afraid of the dark. :)

Quinn : Sam's best friend. I loved this guy in the beginning. He was funny, & he challenged Sam a little bit. But the towards the middle, he became a bitch. And then a traitor. Then a bitch again. STEP UP, please. Honestly, Sam needs you. Still I sympathized with him. Throughout the book, I was hoping he'd get a love interest. He never does.

Astrid: Sam's Love Interest. As a person, I hated her. Shut up with your smart aleck self. You don't need to use the word indeed. And besides her vocabulary, there's no example of her intelligence. But as a character, she was perfect. She was the religious fanatic (go religious fanatics) and the genius, proving there's no reason you can't be both. She was a good support character to Sam. Her power was a two bar. I liked that she wasn't on the same level as Sam, a four bar. I liked that she didn't fight at the end. I'm a girl and I'm all for chicks running things, but I didn't want her vying for attention. I imagine Anna Sophia Robb playing her in a movie.

Caine: I like him. He's a good villian. He has weaknesses. He bites his nails. He loves diane but she doesn't love him back. He's smooth, sexy, and all that, and in the my head, I imagine him wearing yellow a lot to contrast with his dark hair. If he wasn't so evil, I'd want him to be president. He knows how to enforce law and win support. But he's DANGEROUS, and the biggest threat to Sam.

Drake: Sick, Troubled, Weird. I hate him. Second to caine, although he's ambitious and secretly wants to take over. He's overly jealous that he doesn't have special powers & tries to make up for it by being evil. He has no respect for women. Hate him, but he makes the story good. Later on,I see him separating himself from Caine later in the book.

Diane: She's the Astrid to Caine, without the romance. She's smart & she knows Caine is wrong about a lot of things. But like she says, the bad girl will always be with bad guy. She's my favorite character .

Albert: Hands down the smartest person in the whole book. Smarter then Astrid. He's thinking of sustaining the future. Growing food and producing goods for the future. He follows rules but really doesn't give a fuckk about who's ruling as long as the common people are fine.

Computer Jack: He could've been the Albert of technology with all his plans of building a communication system. But he forced into alliance with Caine, and especially Diane. I would say he's the second smartest.

Orc&Howard: School bullies who should just give up already.

Lana: Chick from Vegas who needs to be straightened out. Sent to her grampa's house by her mother for stealing Vodka for her boyfriend. She almost dies, more the once. But with ability to heal injuries, she's the biggest tool Sam has.

Edilio: Honestly, I want this character to grow. I don't him to just be a Mexican who fixes stuff and a guy Sam can rely in.

Little Pete: Best superpower.

Mary: Takes care of the kids of Peridido Beach & has an eating disorder.

Coolest Power Mentions: Sam, Caine, Diane, Computer Jack, Dekka, Brianna, Bug, Lana, Little Pete.

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