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Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens
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Jun 07, 2011

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Okay, I see you raising your eyebrow at this reading choice. It was free, what can I say? I'll read the phonebook if it is free!

And this isn't the phonebook. "Overprotected" is a sweet little piece of fluff--the titular overprotected daughter, Ashlynn, lives with her father's obsessive (frankly, highly creepy) desire to control and shelter her. Ashlynn is growing up and starting to rebel against her father's wishes, and against the hothouse environment of her parents' twisted marriage. Against this backdrop, the author introduces a character we're told Ashlynn "hates"--a childhood friend/bully named Colin. (We never get the sense of why he's so evil, other than that he teased Ashlynn as a little girl, and for some reason, this means she must *hate* him with a fiery passion.) Colin is the new bodyguard for Ashlynn, and as their relationship grows, so too does Ashlynn's evolution from smothered child to independent adult.

I could critique the book--issues with character, plot, theme--but ultimately, it would be unfair to take shots at this book for what it isn't. It's positioned as a piece of romantic fluff, not high literature, and it does deliver a mild little romance--an afternoon distraction with some amusement value.

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