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X-Men by Chris Claremont
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Jun 07, 2011

really liked it

I've got to say this one is one of my all-time favorite X-men stories..
It's horrible, as horrible as the real world often is, and it touches on subjects sometimes not deemed appropriate, like the opening scene in the playground.. Humanity showing just how low we can go, and even then it's just hinting at the bad things we sometimes visit on our fellow humans..

This is a story of hatred, fear, of things getting out of hand, but also of the few standing for what they believe in, despite the hatred flung in their faces.. At it's core is the very real issue of racism, which is often touched upon in the X-men comics, despite people sometimes looking askance at comics, believeing them to be only for children and not to be taken seriously..

Racism, fanaticism, prejudice, all things not to be taken lightly, are portrayed in a way noone can say is for children alone, though they can certainly learn a lesson from it.

The title is at the core of it all, and regarless of ones faith, or lack of it, it rings true; God Loves, Man Kills - it is always man killing man, regardless of what claims are made about the rightfullness of those murders...

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