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A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
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Apr 26, 08

bookshelves: comedic-fantasy-non-discworld, urban-fantasy
Recommended for: Joe, fans of Christopher Moore,
Read in April, 2008

Wow, last time I tried reading this I stopped on literally the page before all the cool stuff starts happening. Literally. If all the cool stuff starts happening on page 32, I stopped reading on page 31. I don't know why but I just couldn't get into the book the last time, but this time I refreshed myself as to what was happening and jumped back into the book and HOLY CRAP Giant Crow Attack on page 32!(this is possible page 32, not literal page 32. I don't know when the crows turn against our hero but it's there, I hope this isn't spoiling anything. Besides it's not that much of a spoiler since I didn't say when the crows attack)
It has been a while since I read anything by Christopher Moore and I forgot how many swear words he uses, this is fine by me but there are parts of this that I think "This is a really good book, I think I'd suggest this to anyone even... MY MOM!"(sorry, running gag that I don't want to stop doing) but then I run across a page that has about 32 uses of the f-word(over exaggeration) or a description of a three foot demon phallis(not over exaggeration, and not really a spoiler in my opinion. If you didn't know there would eventually be demons you've never read anything by Christopher Moore.) Like I said it's been awhile since I read anything by Christopher Moore so I only get a few of the cameo appearances by characters from his other books, like the hot vampire chick from Blood Sucking Fiends who makes a walk on appearance and who's name I forgot which is amazing since I love redheads real and fictional.
Ahem. Anyway, I really like it so far, it's everything the cover says: Funny, touching and absolutely filthy.

Ahem. I have now finished the novel and have to say that I really liked it. I really like the sartorial creatures and the art that they're based off of, I really like what happens for the most part and I COMPLETELY saw how it was going to end, except for that one bit, and that other thing, but otherwise, I totally saw it coming, which I think you're supposed to. Great book

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