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Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade
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Jun 06, 11

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, ya, 5-star
Read in June, 2011

Dear Ms. Kade,
I hope this finds you well and most certainly busy working on the next installment of this series. I would actually appreciate having it in my hands, oh let's see, yesterday, so please get on that as soon as possible. Thanks (and get to work!)

Note to everyone: Don't let this book cover fool you. The covers for these books may look silly or fluffy and the books are anything but that. The covers really do suggest what the book is about, but when so many books have gorgeous dark covers that fool me into thinking they will have multi-faceted characters and well-developed plots, this one is the real thing.
This series continues to surprise me and all in good ways. The first several chapters seem to be leading us into love triangle territory, but have no fear, this series is much better and much more complex than to be just about that. You’ll have to read for yourself to see if there is or isn’t a triangle.
The naming of the characters is terrific.
Alona Dare
Alona = Alone-a = A Loner.
Alona, the most popular girl in school, who was dare-ing enough to carefully script and craft that scenario for herself was, at heart, a loner whom no one really knew, Will included. He saw her more as a pretty thing with a bad attitude. As he’s gotten to know her he’s found the softness inside her very hard shell. Her character is complex and there is a wonderful depth to her and insecurities and pain that she has worked very hard to suppress/cover up long before she died. Her honesty and snide comments that create negative energy and what happens then make me laugh at her.
Another great example of naming: Lily Turner.
Lily = white = a blank page.
Her last name is Turner. Yes, it matters. Trust me, you’ll see when you read it. Absolutely brilliant naming.
Will Killian. Will has been in a constant battle all his life with the strngth of his will against all the ghosts that want his attention.
The plot of this one brings in new characters and situations and brings some clarity about exactly who Will is and more about his abilities.
The great thing is not everything is answered by the end of the book, BUT it also doesn’t end on a cliffhanger which makes me very happy. I do not like cliffhangers. I don’t think a well-written series needs a cliffhanger to keep readers coming back for more. They should want to come back to that world again because it was such fun to spend time with the characters there and they want to know more about them. Just my opinion.
If you are looking for something different, this is a great series.
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Laura Great review Kari! Alona and Will have really become two of my favorite characters!

kari I hope she writes several more of these. It's a great series, but each book stands alone very well. And I love the characters. Will and Alona are really wonderful and alive(pun intended LOL).

kari And what's going to happen next? I loved where this story went.

Laura Hahaha… She BETTER write several more! I just love how Alona & Will communicate--the fun, fast, flirty fighting. You can really see how they care and need each other even more after this story. I’m not sure I liked where it went at the end, BUT I can’t wait to find out where it goes from there! I am hooked!

kari The ending surprised me, but it leaves so many possibilities that I decided that it worked for me. I wonder if she'll still need to be nice to hold on LOL

hpboy13 Wonderful review - you really captured the essence of what makes this series great! And I agree with you about covers - I am so dreadfully tired of the dark and creepy covers that contain nothing of substance beneath them. Will and Alona may be the most intelligent protagonists I've ever read, and thank Kade for that!

kari Hpboy13 wrote: "Wonderful review - you really captured the essence of what makes this series great! And I agree with you about covers - I am so dreadfully tired of the dark and creepy covers that contain nothing ..."

This is such a great series with real growth from the characters and, more importantly, characters who think, and not only about themselves. Love it.

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