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Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen
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Jun 05, 2011

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bookshelves: fantasy

Three Englishmen find themselves sailing away from London and into lands described in an imaginary atlas. Naturally, they become embroiled in a quest. Definitely a fantasy suited for children, exuberant in its inclusion of various legends and fiction -- from Biblical to Greek to Arthurian to Verne. Literary allusions abounded.

And for all that, there was much lacking. I personally found little to distinguish the three main characters, and there was only one woman of note, who of course was feisty and accomplished yet didn't actually do much in the end save serve as a romantic interest. There was also a gaping lack of non-Western mythologies incorporated into the mish-mash of creatures and places; there were brief mentions of Egypt at most. And it had a spry pace, but the plot seemed to consist of a lot of going to places and meeting folks without much real progression being made. The villain (who, of course, is your generically evil guy) is taken care of in a manner that I think could've been effected without the previous 200+ pages.

Anyone wanting refreshing originality or depth in their stories should give this one a pass, but I could see myself having had fun with it back when I was a kid.

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