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Jun 05, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Second Review. Another not so positive one. Believe me despite my negative reviews I am generally a positive person. I just have some harsh opinions about crappy books. Anywho ...
I have read pretty much every L.J. Smith book she has ever written. Despite this she isn’t my favourite author. Not even close. I just enjoy the whole multiple universes, soul mates aspects that she writes into her books. Besides that ... IMO she sucks. The dialogue is too cheesy, the romances too quick and un-romantic, the plots make no sense and there are too many Mary-Sues. Onto my review!

I am on page 239 of Vampire Diaries The Return: Vol. 2 Shadow Souls. And ... well ... it sucks. If you like it good for you but I don’t so write your own review this is mine.

1. Elena. OMGSAHEWRTSWTR! Elena sucks. I don’t like her in the show but I like her so much better than in the books. In the books she is TOO perfect. Everyone loves her and she is the prefect, angelic, virgin like girl who is impossibly perfect. Damon goes on about how beautiful and perfect she is. The perfect balance. No she is a manipulative bitch and she SUCKS!
2. Caroline. I may be biased because I love Caroline in the TV series but she is “apparently” the worse and most evil because she had sex and is the only “non-virgin” of the series. And as such she must be punished in the most grotesque ways possible. She eats slugs, she had sex, she has no fingernails ... *cringe*
3. Damon. Dude ... grow a pair. He is supposedly the dark boy of the book but even he around Elena turns to mush. He must have her, he must protect her, he beats himself up because she got whipped. The woman being whipped had been whipped for years and was pregnant but GOD FORBID SOMEONE WHIP THE PRETTY VIRGIN! ... sorry that wasn’t part of Damon. Anywho ...
4. Romance. The romance sucks. Too quick, too cheesy and ... lovey love? LOVEY LOVE? Wow. True love right there. Oh and it gets better. Elena and Damon make out but it’s okay because .... Why? It’s never really said. It’s just okay because it’s Elena. And the romance between her and Stefan? No chemistry there, it was too quick and too unrealistic.
5. Powers. Virgin tears? Wings of protection? What the friggiedy? That’s just ... wow. Bad. (Disclaimer this review sucks) They are overly unrealistic. Virgin tears? Again condemn all those who had intercourse it’s not like any of us wouldn’t be here without it. But again, condemn all those who get jiggy with it.
6. The dialogue is cheesy. “I’ll show you the goodness of the light?” (it’s paraphrased) Other various bad dialogue. No one talks like that. It’s overly realistic and I would know. I’m an author (unpublished and I suck but still). If something isn’t realistic ... don’t put it in. And if you have to, make fun of it. Self-satire is always fun.
I am not done the book. Why will I finish it? Because there are few books that deal with alternate dimensions etc. Besides I’m invested at this point. I will finish it but I won’t enjoy it ... thought you should all know that. I will stick with watching the show. And using JK Rowling as a novel role model. And studying for exams. And avoiding cutting a Big Mac with a straw
(granted my friend did that ...) Anywho....

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