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The Force of Star Wars by Frank Allnutt
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Jun 05, 11

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Read in June, 2011

This book is an analysis of the Christian similarities to the mystical religious aspects of "The Force" as seen in Star Wars. Unfortunately, I believe this book might have fit better when it first came out, but now suffers greatly from analogies that no longer hold true.

You see, while Christianity has held its tenets, the development and further explanation of everything in the Star Wars universe has ruined many of the simple interpretations. For example, one person can not simply "choose" to follow the ways of the Force (aka. follow God)... for we have learned people are simply born as a "force user" or not. Some are even born with a lot more midoclorians (oh goodness, I hate that) than others... which means much more natural ability. That analogy to God does not ring true.

And there are many other analogies that might have worked when the only movie out there was Star Wars Episode 4... where good & evil was cut & dry, and we didn't even know Vader was Luke's father, etc. Ah yes, so much has changed...

As a devout Christian and a fan of Star Wars, I was hoping for some insight... and I did appreciate some of the things spoken of: Jesus's sacrifice for us, how his death & resurrection gives us hope and a guide, the fight against evil and more. It might even be a good introduction into some Christian principles and understanding for a non-believer.

On the other hand, the analogies are both no longer always applicable AND they suffer from overreach. Too many times I got the impression that Frank Allnutt (unfortunate name for a religious writer, eh?) was trying too hard to make a Christian analogy when one was not intended, nor fitting. There's much more religious text than Star Wars text... basically just a brief look at something from Star Wars followed by the analogy and lots of bible texts and explanations.

Overall we don't get any new information about the Star Wars universe, and there are far better works for understanding Christianity (C.S. Lewis, Max Lucado, Ravi Zacharias, etc.) Which leaves this book in an odd place, relegated permanently to the stack of interesting ideas that only worked at the time of its release.

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John Bennett One of the abilities I was born with is that I am the only one out of my Mom,Dad and younger brother that can remember certain things in past events we were all a part of.I've had a spiritual encounter of one of my deceased pets and have even seen him in vision,dream or what ever you want to call it,along with another pet.I still have the book.It's not the greatest of shape but,I do want to buy a new copy.

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