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Pride & Popularity by Jenni James
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Jun 04, 2011

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** spoiler alert **

Three stars.

But SO close to being four.

Lemme tell you what I thought:

This is a perfect example of a rewrite of Pride and Prejudice. Everything I read felt like a deep connection with the original book, which I absolutely loved. It's the perfect modern example, and I felt Chloe's thoughts throughout the whole story.

This would be what I'd call a chick-lit, with scenes which are, "Awww" worthy. But some of the characters felt very 2 dimensional. First off, I felt as if both Chloe's best girlfriends were both the same, just squealing and running along with Chloe without an opinion of their own. I understand in the actual book, there wasn't much explanation of the sisters, but I felt it was pretty self-explanatory. Maybe just little bits of information would make their friendship matter a little more. Sure, they're Chloe's best friends, but that's about all I realise. Did Chloe used to hate them when she was younger, thanks to her "pride"?

I actually liked how Jenni portrayed Taylor throughout the whole book, which was very realistic. Taylor is very popular, and it's natural for Chloe to think, "Wow, he's full of himself. Another person to avoid." And that was pretty good.

Despite all this criticism, she sucked me straight in. At time, things felt a little far-fetched and I found myself flinching away from the computer, but somehow, Jenni managed to convince me through the events happening to Chloe.

Chloe herself doesn't seem to contain flaws. Is she bad at bowling? Does she always bite at her pencil during class? Just little things like that would put us off the fact she's perfect. The thing is, details like this can be SO easily inserted anywhere. While she's washing the clothes, maybe she has no idea how a washing machine works?

Then there's Taylor, who I quite liked throughout this story. But why was he playing with girls? Does he have his own valid reason or is it just something boys do? Maybe he did for respect.

The scene where Cassidy was taken by Blake was one of those unbelievable scenes. At first, when I was reading it, I thought Taylor was joking with Chloe just to go, "Haha. Scared you." But no, it was real. Just a little hint of a warning: Maybe Cassidy was taking extra care of her looks that day, and made Chloe the slight bit suspicious? Yes, that'd be fabulous.

The teachers all seemed mean. This isn't what it's like in high school. Sure, teachers always ruin my mood sometimes, but there are all those AWESOME teachers who respect your opinion and things that the characters do. I felt at least one of them should be included, so that it doesn't make them look like the bad guys.

Hmm... What next?

Enough of negatives:

I LOVE the whole concept of this book. Love, love, love it. Hate/love relationships RULE! But I'm not sure if Taylor had a valid reason for telling everybody that he wouldn't hang out with Chloe back when they were younger.

Gah. Negative again! >.< I PROMISE I have good things to say.

Lemme see...

Chloe's narration was SO awesome. It was just like a teenage girl would think like, and I'm impressed with the author for this slight detail. Then there was her sister, with the high vocabulary, who made me laugh out loud at several times. Just like the original Elizabeth Bennet, Chloe was smart and witty but had a fault for judging people without knowing the whole story.

I'm gonna leave this right here.


I swear, if all the things were fixed (my suggestions), this would be BEYOND five stars. ♥

Remy xx
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