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When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer
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Jun 04, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: romance

Fun, outrageous, and well-written.

Harry and Molly actually met as children. They grew up as neighbors, at least until one horrible moment when 13-year-old Molly reads a love poem, offering her undying love to Harry's older brother while telling everyone about Harry's kiss with his brother's fiance (Molly's sister). As a result, Molly is shipped off to the country and Harry is sent off to war.

Years later, Harry gets involved in a crazy wager forced on him and some of his fellows by the prince regent himself. They are all to bring their mistresses to a house party, and after a series of games and cast ballots, one of the women will be given the title of most delectable companion. The winner is freed from the hassles of match-makers for a year, while one loser's name is drawn at random, forced to propose marriage to a woman of the club's choosing.

All right, I'll stop here -- it's beyond far-fetched. If your alarm bells are going off already, that makes sense, and if you truly don't think you can handle it, then this book may not be for you. But if you're willing to suspend disbelief on the setup, there were some gems in here. The thing you have to realize is that the book isn't entirely serious. It's meant to be outrageous.

Yet within the rules set forth, I thought it displayed remarkable sensitivity. Molly gets involved with this whole fiasco when, on the way to elope with just about the only man she's been allowed to meet over the last 8 years, he runs off with Harry's mistress during a chance meeting at an inn. Harry won't let Molly go home alone, and if he shows up without a mistress, he forfeits the wager and has to marry, so he convinces her to pose as his mistress for the week.

I think what really struck me about this book, even more than the relationship between Harry and Molly, was the mistresses themselves. At first, they were fierce competitors for a useless title, but Molly stirs things up. Each one comes alive, and becomes more than their labels.

The book didn't have many laugh out loud moments, thought the entire situation remained amusing in a farcical sort of way.

I recommend this book to those who like historical romance, but who don't always take it seriously.


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