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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
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Jul 27, 11

bookshelves: paranormal
Read from July 23 to 27, 2011

This book started with a bang. It was very creepy, exciting and really intriguing, but it all went downhill from there. Once the mystery around the house was explained - which was fairly early and without any nuance - it became a very boring and almost childish story, which I didn't expect at all.

One thing I can say I enjoyed was the photographs- they're scattered throughout the book, all black and white and remarkably creepy. They add a nice eery touch to the story and gives it a really unique flair.

The plot is what I didn't like. After its strong beginning, it fizzles into this bland and predictably dull tale. Don't get me wrong. It's very unique and unconventional so I can see it's appeal. It's also well written and does stem from great creativity, but I found it lacked too much detail and sophistication. The characters, too, fell flat and as a few things went unexplained we were left with scattered holes in the plot.

This book is marketed for young adults but definitely feels more juvenile, like a child's fairy tale, which is not what I expected hence leaving me feeling a bit underwhelmed.
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Sara I totally agree with you! I did love looking at the creepy pictures but the story became kind of cookie cutter :(

message 2: by Lj (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lj Couldn't agree more!

Becca You are so right! I loved the beginning of this book! Well, the first about 1/3 anyways. There were so many different directions this story could have taken. Unfortunately, it took the least interesting (to me anyways) route.

message 4: by Astraea (new)

Astraea Children's fairy tales generally come from adult folktales and have a lot more substance than this book did. I got through half of it at the pharmacy before I gave up.

Melissa This is exactly the review I would have left. Couldn't have said it better

Giselle Thanks guys I'm def. not the only one who feels the same it was pretty disappointing.

message 7: by Kyra (new) - added it

Kyra Love at last hey, I am 14 and even I thought that this novel lacked a whole lot its like one of those make up your own answers kind of a story even though I don't think it is supposed to be. oh and btw love your review, it hits the nail on the head!! ;)

Michelle Sharp EXACTLY how I felt about this book, Giselle. Great review.

Giselle Michelle wrote: "EXACTLY how I felt about this book, Giselle. Great review."

Thanks Michelle. :)

message 10: by Tara (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tara Yup. My thoughts exactly.

David Yep. Started well, got duller by the moment. Even the big finale was bleh - I skipped a couple of lines and realised I had missed the action

message 12: by Thea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Thea Liwanag You pretty much said it. I rated it 4 anyway. I thought it would at least bring justice to the wonderful photos.

Genevieve Your review is exactly what I was trying to say in my own.

message 14: by Tess (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tess Gerber It could have turned into a great mystery, but just kind of went no where like you said. With that said, it was a quick easy read for the long weekend...

Laura I agree with this review and could not have put it better. I was immediately pulled in and loved the creepy pictures which kept me reading to find out what happens to Jacob and the peculiar children. In the end, I think it fell a little flat but kudos to the author for keeping the mystery going enough to make me not want to put the book down till I was finished.

message 16: by Li (new) - rated it 2 stars

Li Yan Another complete agreement. What a shame, as it had such potential.

Kitschiekatie I don't even have to write my own review because this is exactly how I felt after reading this book.

Jamie I couldn't have said it better myself. You read my mind. :)

Nashly I agree. I only gave it 3 stars because of the creepy pictures. I feel I have to read the second part to it though.

Patty You summed up my thoughts completely!

Chere The book is quite popular and I've heard raves about it so I thought I was the only one who felt disappointment. Apparently not. I feel much the same as you.. It started out well but fell a bit short if my expectations.

Susan Totally agree

message 23: by Erica (new) - added it

Erica I'm starting this book . I love the creepy pictures but with all the reviews I'm hoping I will not be disappointed.

Raeesa Lalani agreed! i was hoping for so much more and it kind of went in the expected direction

message 25: by shel (new) - rated it 3 stars

shel b Egggggggggggggsactly.

Crystal Nicole This review is spot on! I was hooked in the beginning of this book, and seriously disappointed to find out that it ended up being about a contrived (and, honestly, kind of creepy) love story between the main character and the main character's GRANDFATHER'S former love interest.

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