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Corsets & Clockwork by Trisha Telep
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Jun 29, 2012

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Review Taken From The Pewter Wolf

Now, I didn't know much on steampunk before I was told. But, to my understanding, it's an alternative history that uses steampower. Most stories are set in the Victorian England, but there can be set in the Wild West, in the Second World War among others. You could include Mortal Engines and His Dark Materials as steampunk novels (that's according to that trusted site, Wikipedia). And steampunk novels can have touchs of fantasy, sci-fi and other genres, but as long as there's steam technology in the background.

I could be completely wrong about the above paragraph but that's how I read Wikipedia.

So, 13 short stories set in the worlds of steampunk from well-known YA authors. Did this collection make me fall in love with steampunk?

Er… yes and no. And the reason for both these answers is that it depends on the author and the story they wrote. I mean, this is a collection of short stories so, of course, you will find stories that were great and longed for more. And then there were others that were just ok. Nothing great, but alright. And then you have one or two where you finished the story more confused and preplexed than when you started the story! It's a mix bag and you are not going to like them all.

There's not much else to say expect this is a nice way to introducing yourself to steampunk (and die-hard steampunk fans will love it). And, after reading Maria V. Snyder's Under Amber Skies, am very excited to read Poison Study.

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6.0% "First story was... Er...."
11.0% "Not sure how I feel about this second story... And not even halfway through it..."
16.0% "Story two finished. And not sure I like steampunk.... Morning, though."
22.0% "This story - not finished yet (& I forgotten it's name. Wild Magic) - is actually good. But it's more fey than steampunk though...."
26.0% "This short - WILD MAGIC by Ann Aguirre - seems more fairy than steampunk. But I like it's more one than the other... Now, DEADWOOD by Michael Scott!"
27.0% "This DEADWOOD is good! But I need sleep! Will finish/read it tomorrow!"
32.0% "Finished DEADWOOD. I like that one! Now, to sleep or start reading CODE OF BLOOD by Dru Pagliassotti...?"
35.0% "Not much on this today. Too sleepy!"
43.0% "Finished CODE OF BLOOD. Not half bad. Now, for CLOCKWORK CORSET by Adrienne Kress."
47.0% "So far, so odd. How Victorian."
50.0% "Halfway, folks! Halfway!"
52.0% "Finished CLOCKWORK CORSET. Now, for AIRSHIP GEMINI by Jaclyn Dolamore..."
58.0% "This AIRSHIP GEMINI is better than I thought it would be...."
59.0% "Finished THE AIRSHIP GEMINI by Jaclyn Dolamore. Quite good. Now for the story I'm the most intrigued of: UNDER AMBER SKIES by Maria V. Snyder..."
67.0% "Oh, Maria V Snyder. Why haven't I read you sooner? (now, onto KING OF THE GREENLIGHT CITY by Tessa Gratton...)"
70.0% "I don't think I get KING OF THE GREENLIGHT CITY. I can't seem to warm to it..."
73.0% "So, KING OF THE GREENLIGHT CITY by Tess Gratton. One of the collection's weakest. Not that great."
80.0% "Finished THE EMPEROR's MAN by Tiffany Trent. I like this story. Not love it, but I liked it. Now, the next story is CHICKIE HILL's BADASS RIDE by Dia Reeves...."
88.0% "Finished CHICKIE HILL'S BADASS RIDE by Dia Reeves. I quite like this. Now, to bed & tomorrow, THE VAST MACHINERY OF DREAMS by Caitlin Kittredge..."
92.0% "Well... THE VAST MACHINERY OF DREAMS... That's one weird little story. Now to read TICK TOCK BOOM by Kiersten White..."
94.0% "Will finish this tomorrow."
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