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Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison
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Aug 03, 11

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Recommended to Estara by: I really enjoyed the story and voice in the first book
Read on August 03, 2011 — I own a copy, read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** Hwell.

I guess some of the structural stuff I ignored in the first book really did not run to my taste here.

I still enjoyed the characterisation of the main characters, and the snappy dialogue between hero and heroine. The sex scenes were quite hot, too.

I utterly loathed the fact that the one sympathetic human who got any screen time had to die heroically at the end (totally unnecessarily, too - the heroine already said there was a 50/50 chance and I might have understood Cameron losing her hand or something to make some real drama - so why is the one human who actually has a role to play cannonfodder? At the same time we almost had the hero dying, wasn't that enough drama?), after which heroine cried a bit, then had adrenaline sex with the hero (who after all had almost died at the same time, so that was very important) and the next day they could even smile a bit and be understanding to the misled but noble husband of the main villain who was needed to set up the rule of the heroine.

I didn't mind the idea of the Thunderbird as fairly monstrous, even though we had something similar with the Dragon in the first book - and the author keeps on emphasising the fragility of her two heroines in comparison to the males - it mythologically makes ok sense to me.

I enjoyed Tricks/Niniane's faible for couture clothes and entertainment, as well as Harrison's version of a Medusa and I liked seeing more of the harpy.

I find it quite laughable a concept that all the major Elder Races would have their primary headquarters in various cities of the US of A, especially considering the various mythological backgrounds they are coming from. I get why they would have a presence there or that a make shift group like the Weyr who have too many different forms and were formed as a group only be the charisma and power of the Dragon might settle where they see the power rising (which logically should make them want to move to Asia these days, I think) - I don't believe it for the Fae considering their mythology, or the Vampires.

But then I'm not American, heh.

I absolutely hated her using "holocaust of a man" twice to show how very destructive and lethal the hero was. I wonder if my objection to that comes clearer when I use "Hitler of a man" in place of that.

Aside: why is the vampire queen in the preview for the next book dying of old age/ennui - when both the Dragon and the Thunderbird have supposedly spawned at the creation of the solar system, the Gryphons have spawned at the creation of Earth and none of them have that problem? Hmm. The worldbuilding holes are visible, but then I usually read for the characters.

I don't think I'll read more in this series.

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