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The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead
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It has a name :D The Golden Lily! I like it :)
More Adrian Ivashkov what more could a girl ask for ;)
I need to read this....... like now! Well at least straight after I read the first book :P

Post-reading Bloodlines:

2012?! JUNE?! JUNE 2012?!

My heart just broke a little

Bloodlines was WAY better than I expected and I really, really, REALLY want to read this NOW!

Eddie <3 <-- I love him :P If he doesn't attempt to follow his heart and go out with Jill (I'm kind of seeing/hoping their relationship as the new Christian and Lissa, the one that is reasonably stable through out the whole series with a few fights but otherwise they are ultimately meant for each other and leave the drama to the main characters love triangle which I am pretty sure is going to be between Sydney/Adrian/Trey though maybe that Ian guy will make an appearance again that was in love with Sydney in Last Sacrifice). Then I am going to be seriously annoyed since he DESERVES to be happy and with the person he loves even if that person is a princess!!!

Adrian and Sydney have to kiss or at least have some type of romance in this book otherwise that will be really stupid and I will start to think that maybe a relationship between those two is really impossible but Sydney is obviously special as there is a reason her blood is different and she can make *magic* happen! So I'm thinking that this is going to be a huge deal in this novel or later ones :)

Dimitri is back. I couldn't believe it when I read it! Actually I kind of could since that was the first line I read in the whole novel as I always read the last line first... Anyway... I love Dimitri and am expecting conflict between him and Adrian ;) Surely Dimitri's return means Rose will feature in this one also and I am interested to see their relationship from an outsiders point of view! Oh and I want to know how Spirit has affected Dimitri!!! Maybe it will mean he can have kids with Rose...

I hope Lissa and Jill at least speak once in this book as their relationship seems non-existent and I hated the way Lissa treated Jill at the end of the Last Sacrifice. Oh and I really want Christian to make an appearance!

Anyway...I'm waiting... again...Hurry Up 2012! I need to read this!

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Quotes Hannah Liked

Richelle Mead
“You need me? You yell. You want to leave? We go. I'll get you out of here, no matter what.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“Adrian, I'm on a date. Why are you here? On my car?”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“You made your own jean shorts...with a butter knife?”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“For once, you're going to hear something that doesn't fit into your neat, compartmentalized world of order and logic and reason.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“I tried to be a better person for her– but it was to impress her, to get her to want me. But when I’m around you, I want to be better because… well, because it feels right. Because I want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh. […] You have no clue how beautiful you are or how brightly you shine.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“Sage," he said. "What are you wearing?"
I sighed and stared down at the dress. "I know. It's red. Don't start. I'm tired of hearing about it."
"Funny," he said. "I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at it.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“He froze, and for one moment, we stood locked in time. I could feel the silk of his shirt against my skin and the warmth of his body. The lingering scent of the overpriced cologne he wore floated around me. No smoke for a change. I’d always told him the cologne couldn’t be worth what he spent, but suddenly, I reconsidered. It was amazing.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

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Em-em I love Adrian Ivashkov too!!love him!:)

Hannah :D haha I know right! He is sooooo amazing! ;)

Em-em ..yes he is..i was devastated with what happened to him in the vampire academy series..but i am soo excited for this one..:)

Hannah I know! :) I felt so sorry for him at the end of last sacrifice but I'm sure he won't get such a bad ending this time around :D

Em-em ..oh i hope so...:) it's time for his happy ending a guy like him should not be wasted..lol..:))

message 6: by Chelsea (new) - added it

Chelsea Jay OMG I thought i was the only one who read the last line of the book first. LOL

Joanna I love it .The cover is beauitful.I wish they could bring the next book out sooner than next year...Cant wait....

Charlotte I agree with everything haha! I also tend to read the last line first...oops:)

message 9: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen i cannot wait until this comes out!!! i absolutely love Dimitri!! and am absolutely ecstatic! love all the characters and plot line is sounds pretty good

Annette Just as long as there is an Sydney Adrian romance

Jolie I hope that Sydney follows her heart and cheats on Braydon with Adrian! The blurb kind of gives it away... Come June 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jolie Fight, fight, fight. I feel the rising tension already.

message 13: by Annette (last edited Mar 17, 2012 06:11PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Annette just give us the book and none will get hurt
come on june 12 i need you NOW

Jolie Agreed.

Annette we need more spoiler's
Now (i know i sound like a 5 year old but i don't care)

Jolie Have you checked out the quotes, because there are some Golden Lily quotes in there.

Annette like new ones

Stacia (the 2010 club) Have fun with this one. :)

Jodie i need to read last sacrifice again bc i had totally forgotten about ian. but i seriously doubt that it will be trey he just doesn't seem that interested. im kinda wondering if the love triangle wont be angeline, jill, and eddie and of course sydeny will run away from adrian for the first part of the next book and then just mayybe he can convince her to stay and become a part of the group marcus seems to be in though that group still kinda secret I am hoping sydney joins them so she can be with adrian and we can cover up the golden lily on her cheek that reminds her she cant be with adrian

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