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The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown
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Jun 03, 2011

did not like it
Read in May, 2011

Up front, I have to say that when I discovered this novel, I went into it with the truest of intentions. I mean, I come from a family with three sisters--I'm the youngest and I know a little bit about Shakespeare--happen to love Othello and The Taming of the Shrew.

But this story just seemed to go into places that I couldn't get into and didn't much care for.

Only real quick, this wouldn't be a 'classic' Novelwit2000 review, if I didn't bring up the thing with the names.

I thought it was a novel idea that the three sisters were named after characters from Shakespeare--and maybe we should've left it at that. Only the author wanted to give them these nick names that were essentially their names throughout the story.

Now I'll say I get 'Rose' for Rosalind. And 'Cordy' for Cordelia. But how on EARTH do you get 'Bean' for Bianca? To have to read the name Bean practically every page of this book had to be one of the most grating things ever. Only because the name Bean just seemed so...weird. It was a weird choice certainly given how glamorous this character Bean was supposed to be. I mean, the name to me, just NEVER seemed to sit well with her. Might I have suggested a name like 'BeBe' or maybe even the exotic 'Bia'? To me, those names would've been WAY more appropriate. Because to me the name 'Bean' just sounded...well...again I'll say it, WEIRD! (I don't think I can say it enough how so very important it is for an author to get the names right for their characters.) Because to do otherwise, can be a real train wreck. I mean, could you imagine 'Romeo & Diane'? Or if Dorothy's name in the Wizard of Oz was 'Sharon'? This (getting the name right) shouldn't be that hard of a thing to do--but seeing how so many authors out there seem to get this all so very wrong, I guess maybe this IS a hard thing to do after all. Oh well? Moving on...

Early on in this book, it's like there was something unsavory about this story. Only because it's like you have a scenario wherein the mom gets sick and it's looking like she's going to need help in her recovery--so here come the troops of her daughters coming back home to give her this help.

And this in and of itself, would've been such a noble thing. I mean, I could tell the author that you had a reason for the daughters to come come back home--their mother's illness. That's ALL you needed. Only as the story unfolds, there are all these OTHER reasons why they REALLY came home. And the reasons are pretty MAJOR too! (I won't give anything away.) But what was put on Bean, was just too much. I mean, for what she did, I would think a lawyer would've needed to be involved. That and maybe some jail time. I mean, when you read what happens here, it's kinda REAL hard to accept that with what she's done, she's just allowed to walk. But oh well, that's how the author wanted to fashion this story. Go figure?

Also, the thing with Rose being around to take care of things. It's like maybe she's not all that noble after all.

And the thing with Cordy finally growing up? Wow, does she pick a real doozy to prove this point!

Also, it's something in the rhythm of the writing here. The story would kinda jump around without a lot of preparation and you'd be here or there. And I'd think, wow I guess we're here now. OK, let's see what we got now. I really felt this when Rose went to England. I was thinking (given the situation with her mother) that there would've been a scene where Rose would've lined up her sisters and given them a list of these complete instructions on what to do and everything. Only this didn't happen. (And I could say that because of this LACK of direction, there were times when I felt lost--like there were these gaping holes in the narrative.) We get this again with Cordy too when she abruptly decides to take off.

Also, a lot of times I felt like the father in the story was disturbingly eccentric with all of his Shakespearean quoting and stuff. I mean, all I could think was 'just enough' of this would've been all right. But when you do this so much, then it starts being too over the top, pointless and really very distracting. I mean, I would've been more impressed with more REAL dialogue from him.

And then it was something about the pacing of the story. It was like the story was supposed to be going in a certain direction, then it would turn the corner and do this segue into things of the past. This was done quite often and I would've appreciated going forward with the story already.

So you know, I'll just go forward with my review already!

Simply put, I did not care for this novel at all. The characters were not people that I enjoyed being around or getting to know. And they did NOT seem or feel like sisters to me.

All in all, I cannot, nor would I EVER recommend this book to anyone.
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