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The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot
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Jun 03, 2011

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Read in March, 2007

Another book written in email format. For adults, sort of, this time. A Meg Cabot book, who is best know for PRINCESS DIARIES books which are lame, so I thought I would pick this one up, hoping for a bit more mature. Yeah, no such luck. Yes, the characters are older, but they act like they are 13 still. And an email format doesn't make it better.

Mel's neighbor gets attacked and she now takes care of her animals, but can't anymore, so she contracts her neighbor's only relative who happens to be a famous photographer. He doesn't want to do it, so he enlists a friend who owes him a huge favor to pretend he is him and take care of the animals. Boy agrees and falls for Mel (OF COURSE!) on first sight but of course, now that they looooove each other, he just can't go and tell her the truth. So lies spin out of control until photog's now ex-girlfriend gets back at him and tells Mel that the person she thinks he is, he is not. She freaks out and doesn't return any of Boy's calls or emails. She puts some pieces together and realizes that the person who attacked her neighbor, was really the photog! Mystery solved!

Lame: Mel works as a gossip columnist and she can't do some simple research to find out what the photog looks like? Please! Also, I hate girls that bitch about writing the goss pages, saying they want to do some hard journalism, but their bosses won't let them because they think they can't handle it. There is so much wrong with this sentence, I don't know where to start. Like it's so painful to write goss. Blah. The way the Boy fell for her was so so so lame. Made me throw up a little in my mouth. Shit like that never happens. The only redeeming part was that the Boy had a thing for redheads. Otherwise, guys never fall head over heals in love at first sight.

Grade: C-

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