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Graveminder by Melissa Marr
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Score: 2.5 stars

I'm resisting the urge to give this one three stars, but giving it more than a 2.5 wouldn't be fair because I would give it that score solely based on the originality of this incredible concept Marr tried explore here with Graveminder.

I say tried, because for me, she didn't manage to fully explore the theme of Graveminder and instead placed the focus of the book on the characters, which kind of came back to bite her in the neck because the protagonists were flat and uninteresting and their romance worked better for me than sleeping pills. Their history together was not a strong enough foundation to give support to the complicated relationship Marr wanted to focus the story on. All of their interactions went exactly like this:

Byron: "I know you don't want to hear me say it, but I love you."
Rebekkah (really? With two Ks and an h at the end? Really?): "I don't love you. You are my friend. I don't deserve you."
Byron: "I know you love me. You know you love me. You love me."
Rebekkah: "I can't. I have commitment issues. I don't like staying in one place. Want to have sex so this conversation comes to an end?"
Byron: "No. You love me."
Someone leaves the room and it all happens again when they see each other.

Also, Byron's ready acceptance to his role as Undertaker surprised me, and his little speeches about his role and the honor with it and how he would do just about anything for Rebekkah also bothered me, especially because those scenes dragged on and were re-runs of the same thing over and over.

For such a short book with a begging that rapidly set in motion the rest of the story (a rather good start, actually, that the rest of the book didn't manage to keep up with), the rest of the story was actually pretty boring.

There were so many interesting things Marr could've done with the characters, the setting and the horror part of the story, and they all ended up falling flat. The mystery and "bad" character were entirely predictable and left me unsatisfied.

I'm glad this is a stand-alone, because my interest in this concept would've made me buy the next one and I don't think I would've liked to go through the same painful boredom twice.
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01/10/2012 page 99
29.0% "Um, why is this one for adults? Apart from the fact that they say sex more than three times per page, this one reads exactly like Marr's YA novels. But other than that, and the complete lack of personality of both protagonists, I'm really liking this one."
01/11/2012 page 197
59.0% "Nothing personal Ms Marr, but you seem to be in possession of the uncanny ability of boring me to death - and into the unforgivable act of skimming the pages of a book - when talking about zombies. And I know you said this is not a zombie book, but if its a corpse that has the tendency to eat the flesh of humans, it is, by definition, a zombie." 1 comment

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