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Baby Proof by Emily Giffin
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Jun 03, 11

bookshelves: chicklit
Read in November, 2006

This book was by the same author as Something Borrowed and Something Blue, two books which I had extreme likes and dislikes on. I heard mixed (but mainly nay) remarks on this book, but in the end, I felt like it was kind of a mixed. I liked the character a lot, but I hated the situations she was put in.

Claudia does not want a baby and either does her husband when they got married. It hits him that he does want a child, but Claudia still does not and they get a divorce. She dates some guy at her work, he seems like a nice guy but she realizes that she doesn't love him as much as she loved Ben, her husband and decides that she'll do anything to get him back. He admits the same thing to her and they get back together.

Con: The divorce was written way to fast in the book. They were married in the first 3 chapters and by like chapter 6, the divorce was final. Some of the situations were so stupid. The author brought back a character from Something Blue and while I thought he was very one dimensional in that book, this book just displayed what ever girl hopes for, but seriously, this so does not exist. He says something like, "If Ben is really the one for you, don't you think you'd just have his baby?" PLEASE! I hate shit like that. Why is it her fault that she doesn't want a kid? [Yes, I know, I am so not getting married, like ever with an attitude like this. I have come to terms with it already, thank you very much.]

Pro: I like the way her family and sisters were written. I hate when the protag hates her family and finds them sooooooooooo annoying. We all hate our families. That is such a cliche. Give us something that we strive for. Something realistic. I like good interaction with sisters. Best friends are easy to write, you can make them whatever you want. But sister's that is harder. That you are stuck with no matter what.

Grade: C+

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