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The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock
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Jun 03, 2011

it was ok
Read from June 03 to 23, 2011

'Light of Eidon' is a fantasy novel filled with magic, mystery and suspense. It also happens to be a Christian novel which I didn't know when I started reading it and I'll get more into that in a few.
The story centers around Abramm Kalladorne who is banished from his country by his brother, the king, and ends up sold into slavery. From there he becomes a gladiator known as the White Pretender and ultimately ends up battling the ultimate evil. As his life unfolds his faith, and what he believes in, is turned upside down and he finds himself evolving as a man and spiritually.
Although Eidon can be read as a straight up fantasy novel there are a few major points in the story where the characters engage in philosophical debate about Eidon (who, I do believe, represents Jesus) and as a non believer it did pull me out of the book. I actually went to Catholic schools from the ages of 4 through 18 and then spent another three years as a born again Christian so I know all about Christianity and nowadays actually detest it (BA Christians usually end up leaving me alone as I can argue scripture with the best of them and I love quoting verses that I know are just out and out fantasy - there's one where Jesus says that any two or more people gathered who pray to him and ask anything in his name will receive it and so if ever stopped by more than one Christian I challenge them to pray for 100 Bibles to appear letting them know I will happily hand them out to non believers with them...thus glorifying their God they want me to believe in. They either ignore my request completely or try and talk their way around that particular verse altogether because they know it isn't happening even though their scripture says it will.).
Sorry, this is supposed to be a book review and not a debate on Christianity but the book pulls you into those type of debates in how it incorporates the author's beliefs into the storyline. Anyhow, setting Christianity aside it is actually a well written story with strong characters. Due to the type of novel it is it does pull its punches at times and doesn't get too graphic in its descriptions of sex and violence (which is ironic considering the Bible is full of occurrences where God himself orders mass slaughters, slavery and rape) although the violence at times does push the envelope a little albeit in a fantasy way.
I found the style of Hancock's writing to slow the story down. Usually I can pick up the pace of a book and start devouring it. I found I couldn't do that with Eidon and it took me nearly four weeks to read. Now, not all that length of time can be blamed on the writing but it certainly didn't help and even during the exciting moments I still found the pace to be slow. I never found it boring though, Christian elements aside, and so please don't take the slow pace as meaning it was dull.
The ending of the story did let it down from a neutral perspective as it becomes all about the main character's faith, allegorical to faith in Jesus, and it made me feel like I was cheated out of a proper ending. It's due to that ending I find myself not recommending this to those of a non Christian persuasion. However, if you're all for the Jesus juice and have a love of fantasy novels then I'm sure this one will be a winner for you.
As for me I liked and disliked it equally as much and so I'm going to have to endure splinters in my arse on this novel as I'm sitting on the fence in terms of a rating.

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