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Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe
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Jun 09, 2011

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First impressions:

I started reading this because I was buying the Keith Richards book and then I bought the Tina Fey book and I had heard that Lowe does good impressions of all the other people in his book so that sounded funny. Then I bought the Daniel Ellsburg book.

His writing style is not great. Too much. Over the top. Too important and lofty for the autobiography of a pretty actor. Things that are going to bother me:
- His crappy writing style; Tina Fey is much better at writing.
- He's a christian and has already mentioned asking a roomfull of people to prey for JFK Jr., AND mentioned that JFK Jr. had "rejoined" his father or some crap, "under cover of sadness," or some crap. Jesus.
- He said non-alcoholic beer.
- I have watched approximately 2 episodes of The West Wing and was not really aware that he was on it. He seems to think it was incredibly important.
- He quotes himself and others in conversations that are stilted and clearly are heavily revised and edited or completely made-up.

So far I've only gotten one impression, of his agent. It was alright. More of those. He needs to talk about Wayne's World, STAT.

Almost done:
His writing generally toned down on the grandiosity after the first chapters. The impressions are great, except I was saddened by his pretty awful Christopher Walken. He has lived an incredible life, doing awesome things like training with Navy Seals for a movie and nailing the Princess of Monaco for a month in Paris, man! No but seriously those events sound great. I didn't know much about his early career and I vaguely remember The Outsiders being a cheese ball, but it sounds like he made some pretty big numbers back then. Rob Lowe was incredible in Wayne's World and you can never take that away from him. I recommend this book. It's a cool inside look at how the sausage is made in Hollywood. He has a bunch of great stories. I want to watch About Last Night.
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message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Life is too short to spend 300 pages of it on Rob Lowe's thoughts about the world. And I LOVE The West Wing.

message 5: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca In my opinion you should invest the time catching up on the show. It is exhilarating and will make you feel patriotic!

Hip E. I kind of hate Aaron Sorkin. His facebook movie was anti-nerd, anti-geek, anti-future, and had stilted dialog. So I think that I will think the dialog on The West Wing is stilted. Also, I don't think I can watch a show about noble public servants in the White House now that both parties have cemented torture, kidnapping, indefinite detention without trial, secret evidence, illegal wiretapping without judicial review, assassination of US citizens, extreme retribution against and intimidation of whistle-blowers, etc. as permanent parts of our country. I need to get more sleep!!!

message 3: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Ha I forget what a liberal Exxon employee you are :)

Caitlyn You should have listened to the Audio-book. He does an amazing job at telling his story. So what if he is a christian. He is hilarious, I don't see how him being a christian effects this book.

Hip E. I listened to the audio book! I wrote that first review after just a couple of chapters. Check out the one below that for impressions after finishing the book. I do have to apologize for sounding like a moronic YouTube commenter in that first post. "prey" for JFK? Jeez.

Overall, I liked the book. But his Walken impression was really bad.

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