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My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
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Jun 02, 2011

really liked it
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Quick & Dirty: You won’t look at zombies and brain eating the same way again! Brilliant set up for a great new urban fantasy series.

Opening Sentence: “You should be dead,” the ER nurse stated as she adjusted something on my IV.

The Review:

Angel Crawford never thought about the direction her life was going until she wakes up in the hospital from an apparent overdose. Although, Angel was pretty sure she had been in a car accident. She already thinks she is a little crazy when the mysterious cooler with drinks and a note is left for her when she leaves the hospital. The note stipulates that she must drink one bottle every other day and that she must work for one month at the county coroner’s office where a job is waiting for her. Puzzled as to who wrote the note, she believes it comes from her probation officer as a way to get her life back on track. You see, Angel is not in the best of situations, her mother died when she was young, she dropped out of school when she was sixteen, she can’t keep a job for very long and all she can think about is when she can pop her illegally obtained prescription pills. She never really thought about her future that is until she died.

Angel follows the directions on the note pretty much without question, even though she’s more curious as to who wrote it. Another thing about Angel is that she is a very squeamish person. She doesn’t like the sight of blood or spit. It doesn’t take much for her stomach to turn so on her first day on the job she can’t believe how steady her stomach is working for her. She is more impressed at how well she is doing on her job.

Slowly she begins to realize that she has changed. It doesn’t take much for her to give in to her cravings after another mysterious note. She has traded one addiction for another. Angel also begins to realize how much she needs her job in order to support her new lifestyle, because of this she begins to grow up and move away from her old life. She learns that it is hard to live as a zombie, she wounds easily and depending on how active she is, she can burn through her stash quickly.

My Life as a White Trash Zombie has mystery, murder and mayhem. Bodies are turning up without heads just as Angel needs her brains the most. Home life for Angel is crazy having to deal with her alcoholic father. Her boyfriend doesn’t understand what is happening with her, plus I think there may possibly be a love triangle looming in the future for Angel.

The world that Diana Rowland has created for Angel reveals information in little bits that keep you interested in the story and invested in Angel’s life. I was definitely rooting for her as the story progressed. Angel has been dealt a bad hand at life and when she gets her second chance she doesn’t want to screw it up. She begins to understand what she is but when confronted with the truth, denies it. The scenes where Angel eats brains are not too graphic but it still makes me a little queasy just to think about it. Angel is quirky and funny. The secondary characters are equally real and entertaining.

Zombie lifestyle is not glamorous or fun so there is a dark, gritty undertone set to this world. Nevertheless, My Life as a White Trash Zombie is a fun, fast paced read. Angel has got me hooked into what will happen to her next. I can’t wait to see how her relationship with a certain hot cop will evolve.

Notable Scene:

“You fuckin’ worthless bitch,” he yelled. “Where are you hiding it? I know you got booze. What the fuck is this shit? You tryin’ to poison me?” He flung the jar down to shatter and mingle with the rest.

“Those weren’t yours,” I said, and I shocked myself at how calm and mild I sounded. Inside I was shrieking.

For an instant he seemed shocked as well, but the he rallied. “Everythin’ in this house is mine!” he frothed, desperation and rage battling it out on his face. “If I wanna look for a drink in your room, I will! You took my beer out of the trash. You goddamn druggie. Misery darkened his eyes for an instant. “Damn you. Gave her up for you. Then you go and turn out like this.” A shudder racked him, then his gaze snapped to me again and his mouth curved into a crooked sneer. “You always have booze, always have drugs. Well, I want a goddamn drink. So where the fuck are you hiding it now?”

I continued walking forward, eyes on him. My chest was clinched so tightly I wasn’t sure how I could possibly breathe, but somehow I kept moving. He’d given up his wife to protect me and then I’d turned out like shit. And whose fucking fault is that? I wanted to scream.

The fury in his face flickered for an instant, and he took a half step back. He flushed as soon as he did and sneered. “You’re on some new drugs, right? I was right to break it all.”

“Those were mine,” I said, still not raising my voice, but I could feel the air vibrate. “Mine. Not drugs.”

“You’re a goddamned liar! I know you’re always popping pills. I heard Clive talking!” he said, taking another step back. “I have every right to go through your shit. I’m your father and this is my house!”

I was in front of him with my hand entwined in his shirt. I didn’t even remember closing the distance between us. “I’m clean. I have a job. And Mom was mentally ill,” I said through clenched teeth. Yeah, he was so worried about me now. Why hadn’t he stopped me from dropping out of school, or hanging out with the shitbags I’d gotten drugs from? No, he simply wanted a damn drink, and he’d used a sudden burst of fatherly concern as an excuse to go through my shit. “I’m not a loser. But you sure as fuck are!”

He let out a gasping shriek, and I suddenly realized that I’d lifted him off the floor several inches and had him pinned against the wall. One-handed.

FTC Advisory: DAW/Penguin provided me with a copy of My Life as a White Trash Zombie. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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