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Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
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Jul 27, 2015

really liked it
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Read on June 29, 2011 — I own a copy

Roller coaster.

Have you ever been on one? You know that feeling that you get when you are going up ...up ...up and your heart is pounding and you're gripping the bar in front of you, like it's actually holding you in? Then you reach the pinnacle and there is like this moment where you feel like you are on top of the world --all flailyswoony--and weightless before the car takes a turn and then nose-dives, causing your heart to leap up into your throat and making you feel almost sick?

That's what this story is: a roller coaster.

You all already know that Stephanie Perkins is an amazing author. Amazing is an understatement--she nails the emotions and swoons and heartbreak every single time. So I don't have to tell you that. What I will tell you is that the characters are amazing, from Lola (and of course the boy next door) to the dads to the twin to even little Abigail, the adorable niece. They are rich and multi-faceted and real, and I love that about them. Lola is quirky and fun. Max is swoonworthy in his own right (until he's totally, totally not), and don't even get me started on Cricket. omg--the hair. the socks. the blue sugar on his lips. the bracelets. *flails* the bracelets.

Did I mention Étienne? He's there--happily, blissfully in love with Anna. And I love Stephanie Perkins for that, even more than I did before, which is a lot. For giving me more of him. And them. And their kisses.

I do have to mention here that contrary to so many of my friends, I did not love Lola like I loved Anna and the French Kiss. But come on, I'm totally in love with Étienne. And Stephanie Perkins said she's giving him to me. So do you really expect anything else?

Without giving away anything more than I already have (esp with my status updates), I did feel like Lola took a little too long to get it together, but I have to account for the fact that the girl is only 17 and that there are other circumstances to consider for her lack of decisiveness. But when it's all said and done, Lola and the Boy Next Door has everything--it's funny, it's heartbreaking, it's romantic, it's soooo hot that you'll melt into a pile of smoldering goo, and it's about time you read it!
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Zona I am so ridiculously jealous it hurts. You wouldn't by any chance wanna share with a fellow nerd would you?

Beth jealoussssss. SO JEALOUS!

Colette Jealoussss! Like everyone else ;)

message 4: by Ana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ana Tsk!

tonya. yayayayay! <3

Victoria definitely jealous. I've read nothing but great things about this book.

caren I'll be jealous until next week. :P

Jaime Arkin I <3 you... love your review :) you can have Etienne and I'll take Cricket for realz :)

caren Wait wait wait... I want Cricket!!

Kassiah Seriously? You two are gonna fight over Cricket? hee. He is pretty swoonworthy--but he's no Etienne. *ducks*

Jaime Arkin OMG I think I love him more than Etienne ... I go for the tall guys LOL :) and the hair and the shoes and the pants and and and ...


I wouldn't mind being in the middle of an Etienne/Cricket sammich. JS.

Jaime Arkin best. idea. ever. :)

Kassiah how do we know that Etienne doesn't wear bracelets? *runs to read Anna in search of naked wrist-mentioning*

Jaime Arkin i hope Etienne doesn't wear "bracelets" rubberbands are ok but bracelets... no.. :) LOL

Kassiah *rolls eyes* i like leather bracelets. don't judge me.

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