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Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
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Mar 08, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended for: Anyone over 12

Pratchet is brilliant. The story is part of the 'Guards' sequence in the Disc World series. For non-Disc Worlders you have to understand that prolific Pratchet created a comic fantasy world called the Disc World and then proceeded to write stories set in different parts of it, with different characters etc that sometimes meet each other.

The Guards sequence centres on Sam Vimes who is a cop in the city of Ank-Morepork. It is kind of medieval, kind of modern. In this story Sam has risen to be commander of the Watch (the police). He's rich and successful and trying to hunt down a killer, the kind who kills cops, so it is personal.

While the action keeps going, as does the humour, Pratchet finds time to take us inside Sam's head where he is thinking about what the real role of the police is and how it is different from the military, and where should the police be when a revolution takes place and the army is called in to keep the peace when the rulers are certifiably insane? He works in some time travel and the barricades section was surely influenced by 'Les Miserables', and lots of other stuff too.

This could be done badly, but it is done well. As with all Pratchet's books you are rewarded by paying attention. I am sure I don't get all of his obscure jokes, you have to know lots of stuff for them to take, but I feel smug when I do get them.
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