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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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Dec 14, 12

bookshelves: epic-fantasy
Read from July 16 to December 03, 2011

Wow. Lord of the Rings got a run for its money with this one. Great story. Awesome characters. Shocking events... The author was not afraid to (view spoiler) in this one! Really good.

I would have to say that of the thousands of characters (jeesh) in this book, my favorites were Tyrion, Jon, & Arya. Although, I also really enjoyed watching Dany go from girl to (view spoiler)! That was uber-cool...

Tyrion is just such a witty ass.

Jon is someone I just feel sorry for... he would be a great lord or even king is it weren't for his title always holding him back.

Arya's story was really cute. I enjoyed watching the differences between her tom-boy-ish-ness and Sansa's wanna-be-princess tendencies .. I enjoyed her "dancing" lessons.

I will say though... it was s little difficult really getting into the read on this book. The first several chapters, though interesting, were too many characters to learn before they got to the good stuff to really get into the book instantly. You have to wait it out and not give up to realize the worth in the words. If you are as I normally am and give up if not wow'd quickly, then this book may have you quitting too soon to enjoy the awesomeness that was sure to come by page 300-ish. If not for all the hype and the fact that both my husband's friend and my brother-in-law count these as some of their favorite books and series', I may have actually quit when I began getting bored in the beginning. But it continued picking up speed and interest as the many stories began twisting together more than they had at beginning.

I absolutely will read book 2 now, of course: A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R.R. Martin

I also have to add- that I watched season 1 of the show after reading and OMG. The writing, the casting... they kept to the book better than ANYTHING I have ever watched as a book-fan. Most movies/shows stray quite a bit or change the characters in ways... but not this one. They take several if not most of their lines straight from the page into the script. It is quite amazing to see these characters come to life that way and the story really done correctly as an om-age to the books and not just "based on" as many can be. It is really worth watching if you are a fan.

Robb & Bran holding Grey Wolf & Summer:

Eddard & Catelyn:
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King Robert, Cersei, & Joff:

Viserys, Dany & Drogo:

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Quotes Taja Liked

George R.R. Martin
“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Despite the tender mother’s stomach that had afflicted her these past two moons, Dany had dined on bowls of half-clotted blood to accustom herself to the taste, and Irri made her chew strips of dried horseflesh until her jaws were aching. She had starved herself for a day and a night before the ceremony in the hopes that hunger would help her keep down the raw meat.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“The maester had taught him all the banners: the mailed fist of the Glovers, silver on scarlet; Lady Mormont’s black bear; the hideous flayed man that went before Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort; a bull moose for the Hornwoods; a battle-axe for the Cerwyns; three sentinel trees for the Tallharts; and the fearsome sigil of House Umber, a roaring giant in shattered chains.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Reading Progress

06/30/2011 page 13
2.0% "Really good prologue! I am interested! I will be reading more once I finish Masquerade & Incarceron! But a shattered sword has quite a LOTR feel... Just sayin'"
07/16/2011 page 49
6.0% "So far, there are semi-interesting parts... but most of all this book seems kind of slow. Hopefully it will get interesting soon..."
07/18/2011 "9% Done…I hope Jon Stark (the Bastard) is important to the story because he's the most interesting character to me so far..."
13.0% "Many surprises in the story. Some good, some weird. Kinda gross to read about 13yr old girl's sexual experiences... yucky"
19.0% "Wow, it just gets better. Dude, Sansa is gonna kill her sister... Seriously..."
09/18/2011 page 193
23.0% "Ok story is moving along a little. When do we stop introducing people & plotlines & begin moving through the story a little? I like I'm watching Heroes all over again. Too much happening with little gratification so far."
11/07/2011 page 208
25.0% "Ok. I finished several of the books I was reading. Now I can focus on this one, finally. And good thing too... It feels like the story is picking up a bit. ;)"
29.0% "Moving along... this book has too many stories. I am enjoying the stories... but I would like to know more about each story before hearing a whole new tale... but I know they are related & are told chronologically so it is necessary... but dude. I stopped watching Heroes because of the too-many-things-happening-at-once issue... so... yea."
33.0% "Wow. The mysterious death... Tyrion's dagger... The journeyman ironworker..."And the plot thickens" doesn't quite cover it..."
40.0% "So.. I am interested in all of the story lines now. I think that Littlefinger & Varys are both liars and the only trustworthy people are Ned, Aryn, Tyrion, & Jon Snow. The rest are vicious."
62.0% "Omg!! Ned & Cersi are gonna battle it out!! Joff has the nerve to try to command Ned!? Geez... Great part. Can't wait to see what happens! Lol"
83.0% "Getting to the end now the climax is building. I firmly believe that the main stars of this book are not all given chapters but are Eddard, Tyrion, Jon, & Dany. The rest are just filler though I love the contrasts between Sansa & Arya and am quite interested in learning more about the swordsmith apprentice who both King's Hands have found... We shall see. :D"
90.0% "Wow. Wow. They ... They just kill people off. Thery don't even care.. They just kill people right off, in this book."

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