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Play Dirty by Lorie O'Clare
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The author certainly have a fetish with huge muscles, abs, and asses. I think she could go on for ages describing a man's body and make it sound dirty. Really dirty.

I was bored with the book before the half-way mark. Haley got on my nerves too much for me to like her. She kept telling Greg to treat her like his equal but all her actions says the opposite. She acted really immature for someone who's been in the business of hunting bad guys/killers for years.

And, the sex scenes did nothing for me. Nada. Ok, I lied. One of the sex scene had me in tears.

He thrust deeper and deeper. Her heat scorched him alive. Haley's soft gasps added to the intensity of the moment. She loved what he did to her, how much she could feet his love for her.

I don't know why but that mistake had me rolling on the floor laughing. Maybe it's the lack of sleep.

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