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Rage by Stephen King
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Jun 01, 11

This book was captivating...a bit disgusting, yet very captivating. When people go in to read a Steven King book, we can seperate a few different walks of life. Genuses part here. The first type, we'll call, for the sake of the argument, the illustrious prudes. These are the types who will walk in to Mr. King's book, sit down, smoke a few very Russian cigars, and leave. They might, on their way out, do that crazy finger-tap thing with the cigar/ette, and as they close the door with a sharp report, say something snobbish. Something that very much resembles, "King can write a good suspense novel, I'll give him that, but he sure can't write ." They're not worth it, Mr. King. Unless you launch something heavy at them, like Of Grammatology, or Naked Lunch, they'll keep on somking and leaving. BANG-BANG-BANG! They're gone. Died of literary lung cancer.

Some of Mr. Kings books are very bad.


Stephen King isn't writing for character development/plot resolution/thematic conclusion. He writes for suspense, and the way to do that is keep the reader suspended. Up by the ceiling. And if he can succeed doing that, then he's done what he needs to do.

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