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Speak of the Devil by Jenna Black
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Jun 01, 2011

it was amazing
Read from June 01 to 03, 2011

** spoiler alert ** things arnt going good for morgan...shes being sued by jordan, shes out of money, and her relationship with brian is getting more complicated.morgans life never got better when someone sent her a real cut off hand with adams return adress in it, and not to mention barbara(barbie) who turns out to be a private investigator hired by jordon or his lawyer(its his lawyer) to find clues to make morgans life more miserable or to use those evidence against her. so adam is now out to look for who sent the cut off hand to morgan, barbara ruined morgans relationship with brian by sending him a picture of "adam and morgan" making out(which isnt a real picture btw) infront of adams house, and evidence that adam whiped morgan once in morgans life(which is true, but brian doesnt know that morgan got whipped by adam because morgan wanted adams help to save brian, brian thinks that morgan is having an affair with adam). now torn,in rage, and furious..morgans planning to fix things.but of course,she will need adams help and others.
so now barbie is helping(sort-of) morgan by finding info for her, and brian is still mad at morgan even though he found out that the note and the picture is a fake.morgan and lugh and everyone else found out that the cause of death being blamed on morgan is all the work of a demon that is out on revenge on morgan.why?who the heck knows.saul has sort of a spark of interest when he saw barbara for the first time.and he probaly still will.
raphael finds out later on that the reason the demon is out on revenge on morgan is because 1) when morgan did an exorcrism on jordon's demon, she didnt kill the demon but sent it back to the mortal plain where jordons demon told everyone what the other demon tried to do to jordons demon(the demon was building revenge on jordons demon, but morgan got in the way and did an exorcrism, thus sending jordons demon a quick way of escaping to the demon relm and ruining the demons reputation).
so towards the end morgan begins to learn how to trust some people, morgan is free of all charges against her, and she got brian back.the demon thats out on revenge on morgan(abraham) is dead.

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