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Zipper Mouth by Laurie Weeks
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Jun 01, 2011

So many amazing quotes it's hard to summarize -- try these:

"In one of the photos tacked up inside my teenage closet, Vivien leans into the lens and smiles, glamorous in the low-cut red velvet robe she wore in Gone With the Wind when Rhett takes her upstairs and rapes her, at which point she blossoms into the fullness of her love."

"Oh my god you just want to be the smoke pulled between her lips. What happens when you get inside a person anyway, up that close, inside their mouth? Nothing. It's like a photograph blown up. They just dissolve into a haze of black and white dots until all you have is molecules and air, nothing there."

"I bought a six-pack and soon was careening down the empty highway high as a kite, reflecting on the relevance of the Joy Division song blasting from my boom box, certain that sadness had evaporated from my body to create the supernatural light in the landscape around me. It came through the window, a strange light washing across my hands on the wheel; in my throat, a decay of filmy language and a cigarette between my lips. The blue sky beyond my windshield leaked pigment along its edges, gushed blue across the hood while withdrawing as I drove till my body was just a craving, straining to swallow something that wasn't there, like trying to lick the colors in a movie."

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