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Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
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Nov 13, 14

really liked it
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Recommended for: Fans of erotic sports romances
Read from March 08 to 10, 2012

4-4 ½ stars – Contemporary/Sports Erotic Romance

Thoughts Before Reading

OH HOLY &%@^*#$!!!! I’m feeling very parched and suddenly thirsting for a sexy, salty, sweaty Studtastic man chest!!!! And looking oh so HOT in unbuttoned, perfectly fitted, crotch-hugging, low-slung faded denim jeans, too?! *Be still my male fantasy lovin’ heart!*

Thoughts After Reading

I loved the first two books in the series, particularly The Perfect Play, and although I enjoyed this, it didn’t quite live up to those or my super high expectations. Ty is a sexy, sweet, yummy-as-sin hero and there’s no doubt that Jaci Burton can pen some seriously scorching hot sex scenes, but Jenna annoyed me to the point that it impacted my overall satisfaction and kept this from earning a 5-star rating.

Until around the 80-85% mark, Jenna earned a solid 7 on my ‘girl get your head out of your ass’ and ‘I wanna slap/smack a b*tch silly’ meters. Her immature, judgmental, stubborn resistance to Ty, even though he’s a total sweetheart, perfect for her, and a skilled, generous stud in the sack, just because he happens to be a pro hockey player and she’s staunchly anti-sports, at least in terms of being adamant about not dating athletes, got really aggravating. She finally put on her big girl panties and fought for a relationship and future with Ty, but it sure took her a long time to wise and woman up.

Ty and Jenna had combustible chemistry and were definitely compatible when it came to sex. They shared insatiable lust but I didn’t really feel the love or romance as strongly between them. And I really wanted an epilogue. Still, it’s an entertaining erotic sports romance that’s set off the smoke alarm steamy and also had me shedding some tears when Jenna finally opened up to her family and Ty. I can’t wait for Cole’s book, Playing to Win, to come out!

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message 1: by Rane (new)

Rane *dies from sexy man chest overload*

Britainy holy mother humper!! tremors and everything :D

Shawna *intends to run and get crash cart to revive Rane stat, but is distracted and staring at hot man chest again*

message 4: by Teri (new) - added it

Teri yes please!

Shawna LOL, Britainy!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R LMAO! What can't come fast enough Shawna you or the book? ROLF! I don't blame you,that cover is so drool worthy,I had to blow up the picture and run my finger on the screen down his torso!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahah.....Tsk,Tsk HOT!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the rec =D

Shawna LOL, Elena! I hope you didn't burn your finger too badly. I think I might need a 12-step cover hussy support group. LMAO!

message 8: by Yvonne (new) - added it

Yvonne Holy Guacamole Shawna! Thanks for the book recommendation!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R I'm still recovering! Lol!

message 10: by Ren (new) - added it

Ren Oh, Shawna , I understand your feeling! Jaci Burton such a lucky woman to have beef-fest at her book's cover!! (and for an entire series!)

Shawna LOL, Yvonne! I knew you'd love the cover...and the book sounds good, too!

Me too, Elena!

Ren, Jaci Burton definitely won the cover lottery at Berkley for this series. I looooove Berkley. They publish Lauren Dane's Brown Sibling series and Maya Banks KGI, which are always hot covers.

message 12: by Tara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tara I am soooo sick of hockey but this cover makes me forget all that. *drools*

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana this literally stopped me in my tracks, THAT IS SIN. ^_____^ sweet mother of lust, i love it

Shawna LOL, ladies!

Auntee Is it just me, or does that partial face look like Jed? Examine the jawline closely...the torso looks a bit lean for Jed, but the jaw...?

Shawna Auntee, I wondered that, too, but I'm not sure about his chin. I don't think Jed has that slight cleft. But whoever he is, I wanna gobble him up!

Auntee Clearly more research needs to be done.:)
I think there's a similar Jed pose where his face is posed the same and with the stubble...need to do a side-by-side comparison.:)
Off to look for the elusive cleft...

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Sorry to butt in, but after very,very close inspection...I'm thinking it's Jed as well. I'm not exactly sure, since his chesticles look a little leaner than before. But those abs...I recognize those abs.

Stephanie I was thinking that this had to be it crazy that we can recognize a man by his abs! LOL

Auntee Not crazy at all!:D

message 21: by Rossy (new) - added it

Rossy Oh sweet mother of lust, every time i see this cover....Has anybody tried to contact Jaci and ask if she's giving away cover cards or something?!

message 22: by Mojca (new) - added it

Mojca Drooltastic cover, but I fear for what's inside. The first in the series didn't exactly convince me.
The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" comes to mind.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) I'm actually reading the first book in the series right now because of the cover! LOL

message 24: by Ren (new) - added it

Ren Shawna and Auntee, I think it's really Jed. First thing that I notice when see it first at Jaci's blog, is his jaw, and I say "hey that's Jed!"

I think I said that too to you Annie :P.. If only they show a little bit of his lip, it will more show if he's Jed or not

message 25: by Kristie (new) - added it

Kristie @Annie I did the same thing.

Where were men like this when I was single?
And another thing ladies, I just wished I could see a man like this in person. I know I couldn't touch but I sure could molest him visually.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL Jed does bad things to me.

Auntee Ren wrote: "Shawna and Auntee, I think it's really Jed. First thing that I notice when see it first at Jaci's blog, is his jaw, and I say "hey that's Jed!"

I think I said that too to you Annie :P.. If only th..."

Yes, it's the jaw that made me wonder--it looks like Jed's. The body looks a little lean for Jed, but maybe he lost some weight? I'd love to see the full photo!

message 28: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa Wowza...she certainly has hit the cover jackpot lottery! So nice she shares the reward with all of us :) I don't even like hockey...don't think I care...

message 29: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Has anybody tried to contact Jaci and ask if she's giving away cover cards or something?!

Or placemats, or laminated mouse mats, or couch covers, or duvet covers, or (mmmm..) pillowcases, or bathtowels (imagine snuggling up to that fine piece of meat), or, or..

I hate sport, but this just might convert me.

Auntee Definitely hit the cover model jackpot--I'll agree!

message 31: by Rossy (new) - added it

Rossy Ruth wrote: "Has anybody tried to contact Jaci and ask if she's giving away cover cards or something?!

Or placemats, or laminated mouse mats, or couch covers, or duvet covers, or (mmmm..) pillowcases, or bath..."

Oh pillow cases! Gah, i want!LOL

Shawna LOL, chicas! Or should I say, my fellow cover hussies? BUWAHAhaHAha!

The fun is definitely in the research in this case 'cause who doesn't want to thoroughly inspect cover hottie and Jed Hill pics all damn day?! :)

I agree with ya'll that there's a strong possibility that this is Jed. His "V" muscles and jaw certainly look Jed-ish. But his shoulders, chest, and torso appear a little on the lean side. Hmmmm.....More analysis must commence. *grins*

Shawna Ruth wrote: "Or placemats, or laminated mouse mats, or couch covers, or duvet covers, or (mmmm..) pillowcases, or bath..."

Mmmm...mouse pad and pillowcase indeed!!!!!

message 34: by Ruth (last edited Jun 21, 2011 06:13PM) (new)

Ruth mouse pad and pillowcase indeed

Lickable, huggable, squeezable, sniffable... Phew.

message 35: by Sara (new)

Sara Hockey & hot cover... wat more could a girl ask for?!!

Shawna Ruth wrote: "mouse pad and pillowcase indeed

Lickable, huggable, squeezable, sniffable... Phew."

LOL! I'm here at work and so wishing I had this pic as my mouse pad. I certainly wouldn't mind so much...ahem...clicking. :)

message 37: by Ragus (last edited Jun 28, 2011 11:03PM) (new) - added it

Ragus Did someone say ... where, what, huh? I couldn't take my eyes off those jeans!! Thanks for the great rec, Shawna!! :o))

Shawna LOL! You always have the best emoticons, Ragus!

Serena LOL I agree! bow chica wow wow!! lol

Shawna LOL!

message 41: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim O
wow folks! check him out.

Shawna Jaci Burton really one the hottie cover lottery for this series! Yowza!

message 43: by Jess (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jess oh I love this cover..

message 44: by Shreya (new)

Shreya love the cover (drools)

Shawna Yep, Jaci Burton scored some seriously drool-worthy covers for this series. I just finished this. It's really good, but the heroine seriously frustrated me.

Karla Great review Shawna! I don't think any of the books in this series had an epilogue, but yet they all needed one. Makes me sad, I love that little extra. I'm still looking forward to reading this, only about 2 books away.

Shawna Thanks, Karla! I love epilogues, too. That extra icing on the cake can make the sweetest difference.

Auntee I didn't get Jenna's anti-athlete stance either--I thought there was going to be some big reveal about how some athlete broke her heart or something.
She bugged me a bit too--how could anyone with half a brain resist Ty????
Great review, Shawna!

message 49: by Shawna (last edited Mar 11, 2012 07:00AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Shawna Thanks, Auntee! Me too! I kept thinking something must have happened to make her so obstinate about it. But nope...just being a brat. And I mean refusing Ty? Seriously? That's just crazy!

Something else that bugged me a little was her judging someone's entire personality just based on their drink choice. That seemed a little b*tchy. But hey, I'm not a bartender, so who knows...maybe there's some truth to it. I always have a hard time deciding what drink I want, so I wonder what she’d say about me? LOL!

message 50: by Lindy (new)

Lindy Thank you soooooo much for the review. I hatehatehate heroines like that, and despite the lovely cover, I'll be skipping this one.

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