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The Word Made Flesh by Eva Talmadge
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Jun 01, 2011

it was ok
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Read on February 25, 2012

Too literary for my taste. I wanted more newer books, less older. At the very least an attempt at a semi-even number. Nestled in the back of the book you'll find a few newer books (Twilight, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, etc.) but that wasn't enough for me.
Most of the tattoos are quoting obvious classics and very well known authors. A few may be obscure books no one has ever heard of in an attempt to look smart on the part of the tattoo-e. I don't know - I never heard of the books.
A few note-worthy bits, for me anyway:
pg. 26 - this women has 'see hear feel' (Ulysses) on the inside of her wrist in some kind of flesh colored ink or a light white ink. It looks pretty bad-ass.
pg. 24 has two chicks from Manayunk, PA. which I thought was cool - not too many people in any books from anywhere around here....
pg. 15 - this is a head shaker. For me it is. A Portland, Oregon woman has 'To Vera' tattooed on her (I think on her shoulder, possibly stomach or elsewhere). 'To Vera' is a dedication from some author I've never heard of, "Nabokov", to his wife. Uh, huh? And this touched you how exactly? I actually went back and stared a few times, wondering what on earth possessed her to get this. If I was Vera that would freak me out a little. Assuming Vera is still among us that is.
pg. 66 - either I can't read this right or someone messed this poor girls back up. The caption says it reads '1(a...(A LEAF FALLS ON LONELINESS'. Apparently this is a - complete - poem by
E.E. Cummings.
But..... what I see (and I may be seeing it wrong because it's broken up length-wise going along her spine) is this: '1(a * le * af * fa * ll * s) * one * l * iness'
(The asterisks are the between. Asterisk = next line down.)
Ad uh, well, that doesn't say what the caption says. Does it? Maybe I'm reading it wrong - I sure hope I am for her sake. At least she doesn't have to look at it all the time I guess. Thank for small miracles right?
A Brooklyn girl has 'Read or Die' with two red roses that looks pretty cool. Hers is a temporary tattoo and I tend to like the permanent ones myself and I also don't care for the 'die' part but it did put me in the mind frame to keep an eye out for ideas about a reading tattoo. (Not a random authors dedication to his cat or potted plant - don't worry friends.)
The whole Skin book leaves me bewildered. I can kind of see the idea the author had but I don't think there's much that could convince me to get one random word, thought of by someone else, tattooed on me. People are walking around with 'of', 'and' and 'the' tattooed on them for some strangers "book". To each his own... but it wouldn't be me. :)
Lastly, the only tattoo that referenced anything I would even remotely think about getting is on pg. 152 and it's 'stay gold' which is of course from S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders and Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. That's the only book that I'd even *consider* thinking about when it comes to a tattoo. At this point in time. Who knows, that may change. But I can say this - it would have to affect me like The Outsiders did.
I have to wonder if all of these people were telling the truth when they say they have no regrets. I believe them but the thought crossed my mind.....
All in all I'd recommend borrowing it unless you're seriously into classics and, more importantly, the books mentioned inside. If you're not, I can't imagine you'll be too thrilled.
I hope to see a part two - I'd love to see a book like this containing tattoos referencing newer books. That I'd consider paying for.

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message 1: by kari (new)

kari Now this book looks interesting!
literary tattoos

message 2: by Eva (new) - rated it 2 stars

Eva Leger I think so too! I'm going to try to get ahold of it soon and not forget about it. I have two tattoos and wouldn't get more than one more but I would consider something along this line.
But I read a review and someone said something like they can't think of a quote that means so much to them they'd like it to be etched on their body permanently. I agree with that. So I guess I'm hoping there's some other alternative that will pop up and make me want it. :)

message 3: by VegasGal (new) - added it

VegasGal This does sound like a cool book, but I agree, I can't think of any quote I'd want added to my tattoo collection I already have.
Oh, our library system has this book, but you can't check it out, I tried, BOO!

message 4: by Eva (new) - rated it 2 stars

Eva Leger That's strange. So we have to read it there? My friend Meaghan mentioned having to do that before in a few reviews but I've never tried to take anything out like that. That kind of stinks.
Who can read an entire book, the average book, in a library visit? I guess little by little but what fun is that. And that's saying that someone else won't have it when you go. Or that another library ordered it. Ugh.

message 5: by VegasGal (new) - added it

VegasGal It's under the section called "Floating Collection Book" I've got no idea what that means. Hopefully I'll remember to ask what that is when I go next time.

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