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Attack of the Fiend by Joseph Delaney
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Jun 15, 2011

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Up to this point I've liked this series, and I didn't really "dislike" this one. It was however a bit "waring" before it tied up.

One of my friends here on Goodreads observed that her only complaint with the series was that Tom didn't develop... At the time I was only 3 books in and took the view I'd wait and see. So far I'd only covered about a year in Tom's life. This is the 4th book in the series, and right out of the gate (so to speak) Tom pretty much makes the same mistake he made in the first volume.

Oh well.

This volume attempts a somewhat more involved plot and tries to tell a slightly more intricate story. It only "sort of" succeeds. Without spoilers and being cognizant that this is my opinion, I'll say that the story stumbles about more than the prior novels. It didn't hold my interest and I was ready for it to end. The "hook" of the novel, the Fiend of the title works more as a threat hanging over this book and then as a set up for what's to come in later volumes.

How a younger reader will like this book I'd hesitate to say. Again, be aware that the plot points in this book deal with murder, consuming human blood, child murder also witches and "other things" that can look into other's houses through mirrors. This could all be a bit much for younger children. That aside however, the fact that I and older readers will see plot points coming a few miles off may not be as big an issue for younger readers who haven't read the plots that often before.

They may however by now (if they are following the series) note that Tom seems to be pretty thick in that he placed himself in the soup...again.

So, not as good as the previous volumes slightly more tedious and slightly disjointed. I have the next book(s) from the library here already so I plan to follow through at least one more volume.
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[Name Redacted] Each volume seems more aggressively anti-Christian and miserable than the last. I'm just getting tired of the "things get worse" formula, because the lack of any real hope means the books have become terribly predictable.

Mike (the Paladin) I burned out on them and laid the series aside a little after this one. I tried to keep an open mind but in the end it wasn't worth it.

[Name Redacted] I loved the first one and ordered the other four. Once I finish the fifth (the last of the ones I own), I'll probably join you in burning out. It's almost worse when a series has so much potential and wastes it.

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