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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
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Dec 15, 11

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Before I begin writing about the book, let me make one thing crystal clear: Jem is mine.

"'Just some dust in my throat,' Jem reassured them. He looked not ill but very tired, though his exhaustion only served to point up the delicacy of his features. His beauty did not blaze like Will's did in fierce colors and repressed fire, but it had its own muted perfection, the loveliness of snow falling against a silver-gray sky."

I love Cassandra Clare and yet I dislike her. I thought Alec from TMI was perfection, but Jem... I am so confused. My heart is torn. All I know now is that falling in unrequited love with fictional characters beats having romantic relationships in real life. There's no contest.

As for the book itself, Cassandra Clare does it again. Before reading Clockwork Prince The Infernal Devices had always been behind The Mortal Instruments in my mind, but now this series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Consistent characters that are each believable and easy to connect with, a tight plot full of twists that will have your heart pounding, and a beautiful setting in the backdrop of Victorian London. Besides being utterly perfect, there are two more things that took this book above and beyond for me.

I loved the various literary allusions within Clockwork Prince. When Tessa compared herself to Jane Eyre I almost wanted to squeal like I do for Jem. Even though there were some references to books I haven't I read I still thoroughly enjoyed Clare's mentionings of other novels in her book.

Finally, the love triangle. It's an actual triangle. Like she stated in her interview at Entertainment Weekly, this isn't a V, it's a triangle. Not only are there deepening bonds between Tessa and Jem and Tessa and Will, but there's the brotherhood-like connection of being parabatai between Jem and Will! Jem and Will mean as much to each other as Tessa does to Will or Jem does to Tessa, and there's no way that anyone can avoid heartbreak if the triangle itself is broken. In other words, a love triangle done right.

I'll end this review by 1) ordering everyone to read this book and this series, and 2) providing everyone with another delicious Jem quote:

"She had clearly caught him in the middle of readying himself for bed; his shoes and jacket were off, his shirt open at the collar, his hair an adorable rumpled mess of silver. She wanted to reach out and smooth it down. He blinked at her."

I need Clockwork Princess. So, so badly.

*cross-posted from my blog, the quiet voice.
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Wendy Darling I thought I'd leave this for you here, too. The "provocative" prologue is actually available to read online, in case you were curious. :)

Thomas Oh, Cassandra Clare read this at the National Book Festival! Now I know what you were referring to Wendy... thanks for the link. :)

Wesley Fantastic review Thomas, I can't wait to finish this.

Thomas Thanks Wes! The ending is exhilarating, get ready for the time of your life...

Wendy Darling LOVE this review, Thomas. She really outdid herself on this one, I swooned over both boys, Tessa, and all the literary references, too.

As a Jem fan (and who wouldn't be!), I'm guessing you enjoyed pages 200 - 207 in particular. ;)

Wesley How can an individual not love Jem. Impossible to dislike.

message 7: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Thomas! Wonderful review! I’m sold! :D

Thomas Wendy, your review of this book was epic. You nailed everything I loved about it. And you're right, I marked those pages. (;

Wes, I agree. I agree 110%.

Thanks Laura! You must go read it now. :D

message 9: by Sam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sam Great review, Thomas! I too want Clockwork Princess so badly. It will be a horrible wait. :)

Thomas Thanks Sam! It will be, but at least we'll have City of Lost Souls in May to read around May. :D

message 11: by Sam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sam Yes, we do! That I am looking forward to a lot! :)

Devina After reading you review, which I must say sounds very awesome, I'll have to get me this book really soon! I fell and lost my heart to Jem! He's mine not yours lol!

Thomas Devina, as awesome as you are, you must know that I am incapable of allowing you the sole ownership of Jem. You may, however, indulge in his impressiveness as you read the book. :D

Devina Hehe! I know you wouldn't, I just wanted a raise out of you:D Yes, I shall soon get to see more of him! *sighs and clutches my heart*

Bailey I'm so excited to start this!!

Thomas Sorry for responding to your comment so late, Bailey, but I see you have given it five stars... I guess you must have enjoyed it then. (:

Sarah I can't wait for Clockwork Princess. Tessa MUST choose Will, she knows Will's better than Jem. Anyway should I read TMI after reading The Infernal Devices?

Thomas Aw, I like Jem a little more, but for some reason I feel like Clare will have her choose Will because he's the more popular choice. I highly recommend reading TMI any time - you don't have to finish The Infernal Devices to start it! :)

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