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Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
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Two things really stand out about Stephen King. He is an extremely prolific writer. It is amazing the scope of his body of work, novels, novellas, short stories, essays and screenplays. His work is still fresh and edgy. The other observation is that Mr. King is perhaps one of best writers in post-modern America living today. His subject matter often causes the snooty circle of literary critics to overlook him, but to do so is hubris. It is doubtful that students of American literature in the future will find him on their required reading list, but he should be, especially his short fiction.

Full Dark, No Stars is a collection of 4 long stories that explores the "dark fuckery of the human heart" to paraphrase obliquely a line from the story "Big Driver," the second of this dark collection. As many of you know I have drawn my personal motto from Carl Jung, "We don't become enlightened by imagining beings of light, but by making the darkness conscious." That is exactly what this quartet of dark, harsh tales is about.

Stephen King presents us ordinary people faced with extraordinary situations that bring them face to face with the dark part of the human heart. He then begins a dance macabre, a dark meditation, on what would we do. What would we be capable of? The stories are not just mere entertainment, but a chronicle of the human condition. From a perspective of depth psychology, Full Dark, No Stars is a journey of understanding by attending to the shadow.


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