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The Catch Trap by Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Dec 26, 14

I read this book every year.

It is like a vacation for me, I take time, set it aside and go visit Tommy and Matt for a few weeks. Every year it is different, every year it is the same. Every year I cry, every year I fall in love. There is so much magic in this book it s impossible to explain with just words, which is ironic since the magic was made with words but I digress.

A tale of two trapeze artists told in the backdrop of Post World War II, this book spans years and years of Tommy and Matt and their evolution from two guys fooling around to soul mates. To me at least, it is THE gay love story of the 20th century and widely unknown to most people.

Marion Zimmer Bradley of course is famous for a whole other type of book, but she had a passion for gay men and the circus. In the print book forward she explains the differences of the real and the fictional circus which only shows how much she loves the subject. You can feel the dirt on your face, hear the crowd gasp, taste the crappy concession food...and yes, you fall in love with the boys.

This is a long read, not a little skim you can dance over in a few days. This book insists on your full attention and if you cannot give it or do not have the attention span to give, do not read this book. I am reading it on my Kindle Fire this year and I feel like I am cheating a little on my big old hardback copy, but the ability to open up and BE there with Tommy and Matt in a blink of an eye...invaluable. If my Kindle stopped doing everything else but display this book, I would still think it was a good investment.

This isn't a love story where two perfect people fall in love. This is a life story about two people struggling to find the best part of themselves in someone else. So if you are one of those judgmental readers who gets all pissy when someone is an asshole, or as I put it a real person, then avoid the book. These people are real, not chess pieces for your own private imagination. Matt is an asshole and Tommy is famously weak. They are caught in a spiral of passion that threatens to destroy everything they are and at times, that means good people do bad things.

But if you like fantastic writing, incredible characters and a setting that you will look back and go, i want to see that again...this my friend is your book. Now on the Kindle, it has NEVER been easier to discover the wonder of Catch Trap.

I'll be over setting up the rigging for the three o'clock show, wave and I'll buy you a hot dog before it starts.
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Mel *I guess nowt changes except ourselves* Oh God, John... If this book is as great as your review implies, I will love it. I'll struggle, too, but I have you to thank you for not shying away from it anymore. Thank you :-*

Matty It's so good

Jerry Great review John. I read this years ago, before I found M/M. Back when I tried to hide the cover by turning it over and putting it under other books. It captures such an interesting era. Also interesting how few books like this were published in the 80's. I think I bought my copy at A Different Light bookstore in West Hollywood. Glad to share a love of this book with you.

John Goode Jerry wrote: "Great review John. I read this years ago, before I found M/M. Back when I tried to hide the cover by turning it over and putting it under other books. It captures such an interesting era. Also inte..."

Yeah it is such a strange duck, I found it because a friend of mine was Bradley's personal assistant and she knew I really disliked the dragon series. So she gave me a paperback copy of this and said read it. And never looked back :)

message 5: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Wow, I forgot about this book too. I would have read it when it was first released. Now I'm going to have to dig through boxes (Hopefully my master list is up to date!)

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