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Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber
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May 30, 11

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** spoiler alert ** (Im a spoiler!! -not that I want to be- ..Beware) about segregation.Heres a thing you need to know when you read this book-the town is divided into two sections(East and West). Eastsiders live in rich homes,etc.. Westsiders live in agriculture, etc.They tend to keep to their own 'kind'.

“Beware of a kiss underthe full moon. It will change your life forever.” -Dr.Meadows



Celeste Parker: Eastsider,Nash's girlfriend,seventeen years-old, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween,chose 'werewolf' as a topic to write on an english paper,

Nash Hamilton: Eastsider,Celeste's boyfriend(she had a crush on him since first grade),had handsome good looks,muscular build,hazel eyes that twinkled,possessed an air of confi dence that made him stand out among our schoolmates,star athlete at school(star run-ning back on the football team),was the one who told a werewolf story in the woods(to his n Celeste's posse) and pranked them- the result was him scaring himself as well,dressed as nothing for Halloween,

Ivy Hamilton: Eastsider,one of Celeste's bestfriends(closest friend since elementary),bony arm,dimples,wiry and had alabaster skinand blade-straight blond hair,hosted a Halloween party at her über-house, dressed as a runaway model for Halloween,

Jake: Eastsider,Ivy's boyfriend,one of Nash's bestfriends,in the football team,dressed as a Westsider/farmer for Halloween,he and the boys dared Ivy and the girls to go to the Westside and get their fortune told by Dr Meadows(if the girls dont then they hav to be the guy's servant and if the girls do they have to be their servants),

Abby Kensington: Eastsider,one of Celeste's bestfriends(friends since eighth grade),moved into the house an acre away from Ivy's,long lean legs,olive skin and black hair that waved like the sea,athletic, dressed as a cheerleader for Halloween,jayvee champion track star and plays volleyball,

Dylan: Eastsider,Abby's boyfriend,one of Nash's bestfriends,in the football team,dressed as Superman for Halloween,

Juliette: Eastsider,Celeste's older sister(two years older),freshman in college, took modeling classes,super busy dating collegeguys with Greek letters on their sweatshirts,

Brandon Maddox: Westsider,model gorgeous,short hair was dark and wavy, face as perfectly sculpted,riveting deep blue eyes,took Celeste's chair his first day at the new HS and was confronted by Ivy and Abby,

Mr. Worthington: Celeste's fac resident at Pine Tree Village(senior retirement home),eighty-nine years old,alert,mobile,in shape,fuzzy white hair,dressed as a werewolf for Halloween,

Sally: receptionist at Pine Tree Village,dressed as a witch for Halloween,

Nurse Bridget: the head nurse on the first floor at Pine Tree Village,

Dr.Meadows: Westsider,have long gray hair tiedback in a ponytail, fortune teller.. doctor and sells books on all types of things,did readings on the girls and Celeste's was to beware of the woods/howling and a kiss under the full moon,


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