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The End by Lemony Snicket
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Jun 18, 11

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Read on May 29, 2011

** spoiler alert ** It was so incredible how the series finished. I have never though that Mr Snicket had an ace under his sleeve in the case of giving twists.

In the end, many things will remain a mistery, some things can get solved and discovered, others not and others will remain in the dark for a period of time.

For a long time, the Baudelaires thought that no one in the world would know Count Olaf's "wicked" soul, that everyone, no matter where they were, would easily fail to notice his treachery, unconvinced disguises, bad deeds and aberrant behaviour so that he would still remain free while they had to pay for his actions thus they would remain so miserable as long as Olaf wasn't really caught for real.

However, in this book, everything became contrary to expectations: Count Olaf was really unmasked, he is recognized as a horrible person who can hurt the others in order to get closer to his greedy goals, the natives made him to really stay away and finally he was in a cage, but they were still not relieved. Since the beginning, the Baudelaires turned to think that Count Olaf has been the root of their problems and unhappiness, the synonym of "adversity", the reason of their unfortunate events. While in the other books he has been the main protagonist, his role as "Baudelaire's common enemy" is diminished by the facilitator.

However, the island, the rules, each one of the natives and the facillitator weren't what they seemed to be. And one can perceive that everyone always looks for someone or something to blame one's problems.

Also one can see that some stories of the world can be repeated themselves again, by different characters, in different time, place and situations.

If you read before the other 12 books, your mind may be thinking over in the schism where the Baudelaires' parents participated, what has happened in the past and another inconcluded issues. Nevertheless, after misleading the reader with a built plot of the last 8 books, the author showed us that this story is not about that infamous schism, it's about the Baudelaires' lives until they were ready to face the world.


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