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Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre
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This was a good book for an espionage lover. It was non-fiction although mainly told in a story telling style that was very readable. Categorically it fits into biography as well as historical...and thriller when comes to escapades and plenty of crime and criminal activity. And a natural criminal can add alot to spying and sabotage. And yes, he gets caught at his professional...mainly petty crime, although robbery and safecracking get a little far out for petty crime. But this guy is so likeable. Few can stay angry with him for long. And the ladies? Oh, well, bigamy is a crime, too. Perhaps a better name would be Spy/Counterspy...and I don't know how many individuals could live this, let alone do it successfully. Actually I'd give a 3.5. For me the techniques and tools of the spy, the sabotage, etc. were too slowly detailed for me although some others might revel in getting to learn that aspect. And there was humor to offset the gravity; for instance in his strictly structured life as a trainee on an isolated farm in France, he developed a friendship with a piglet whom he named "Bobby." Bobby was also very intelligent and quickly became the hero's constant companion. Descriptions abound about his swimming, hiking, prodigal eating and defecating habits which the British were using to try to discover who this brilliant "Fritz" spy was, and his shadowy associate, Bobby, probably an assassin, were. And despite all efforts, they couldn't even find who this Bobby was with his great regal eating quantities and elephantine toilet habits!

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