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Death Masks by Jim Butcher
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May 29, 2011

it was amazing
Read in May, 2011

Harry Dresden can never seem to handle only one problem at a time. In this novel, he has been hired by a priest sent by the Vatican to recover the stolen Shroud of Turin. As if this isn't enough to handle, he is also slated to duel with Duke Ortega, in order to bring the war between the wizards and the Red Court Vampires to an end.

Nicodemus of the Denarians (an organization of fallen angels who have bonded with human hosts) wants to get his hands on the Shroud in order to spread a plague over the world and crime boss Johnny Marcone also wants the Shroud for his own purpose (which is not revealed until the novel almost comes to and end, so I won't spoil it for anyone here).

To further complicate matters for Harry, his ex-girlfriend Susan is back and stuggling with her life as a semi-vampire.

So far this is one of the better novels of the series, full of the usual combination of action, horror, and humor. But it also has a bittersweet atmosphere about it, something for which I have always been a sucker.

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General H. Sassafras I liked it too - because I love Johnny Marcone <3 Harry is pretty righteous - but Marcone is way cooler. Harry shouldn't be so against working with some lovely Lawful Evil. (my favorite flavor of evil)

Jeff Marcone is definitely an interesting character. He has a lot more depth than the average criminal, wouldn't you say?

General H. Sassafras Way more - he's my favorite character in the series thus far. :D

Jeff Praetor wrote: "Way more - he's my favorite character in the series thus far. :D"

Really? I like Bob. But I guess that is natural. I was born on Halloween, so I have always been partial to skulls!

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