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May 29, 2011

(Review from the author)
bookshelves: supernatural, paranormal, young-adult, romance, mystery, love, ya, young-adult-romance

I would love to get more feedback from those who have read TEMPUS. Thank you for your interest and happy reading!
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Quotes Tyra Liked

Tyra Lynn
“Time—infinity served in finite portions.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“ It was very hard to keep a straight face when I had seen a glimpse of her ‘oh-so-propah’ husband in pink women’s underwear.  There were few glimpses I’d ever regretted seeing, but that one was at the top of my list.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“His eyes looked sad and cautious.  I recognized the grief, but there seemed to be more to it, a depth beyond what even I had experienced, a regret I couldn’t quite grasp.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“I wondered if that’s what déjà vu was - being in step with a moment, a place, exactly where you were supposed to be at a given time. ”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“Everything he did was a physical thing.  When he spoke, my bones ached.  When he breathed, I felt it in my veins and on my skin. ”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“-I looked at his beautiful face.  “So I guess that means I’m the ugly one.”- ”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“Be very careful what you try with that.  I’m not as strong as I should be.” His breath was ragged, and irregular.  “And you are stronger than you know.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“There are things never meant to be understood, Jessie. Things which cannot now nor ever, through any means, be deciphered. Not through dreams, nor tests, nor divination, nor science, nor speculation.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“It isn’t always love at first sight, or all sparks and fireworks and goo-goo gaa-gaa. Love grows, you know. They even write songs about it.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tyra Lynn
“Pro te, milies aeterno. He placed my hand on his heart. And that means? For you, a thousand times eternity.”
Tyra Lynn, Tempus

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Emily This book was incredible! I cannot wait to read the sequel! The ending was perfect for all of the characters, it was great.:]

Taddy Just starting to read, and wow Tyra. Loving it!

message 3: by Tyra (last edited Jul 29, 2011 05:36PM) (new) - added it

Tyra Lynn Thank you Emily, Taddy and Susan! I'm working hard, I promise!

Taddy As you can tell by my review, I adored Tempus! What a beautiful and unique story. I cannot wait for the sequel Arcanus. I have no doubt you are working hard as Tempus was exceptionally well crafted.

Sunnykimmy There's a sequel,really? That's awesome. I loved Tempus. It was original, sweet and so full of emotion. It was also confusing at times, but that only made it more interesting. And the ending was very well done, especially for a book that is part of a series. You can usually feel when a book is part of a series even when you don't know it beforehand. They usually have an unfinished qualitgy to them. Yours didn't and you don't come across that often. I also loved the quotes at the beginning of every chapter. They kind of set the mood for every chapter and added to the story. I can't wait for the sequel :).

Taddy Kimmy,

I loved the quotes also! That was one of my "most favoritist parts" as my 4 yr old would say....

I agree that it doesn't completely read like a book at the startvof the series, but now that you know it does, doesn't it make you want to get back into their world?

message 7: by Sunnykimmy (last edited Oct 01, 2011 05:35PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sunnykimmy Aww... that's so cute, I have a cousin who's at that age and she also says the cutest things.

And yes, I definitely want to get back into their world and I realize now that there are a few things that haven't been explained yet. I was so caught up in the things that were resolved or at least seemed to be resolved, that I only remembered a lot later that there was more. The ending also brought with it a few questions and there is probably a lot about that world we don't know yet. So it will be fun to see what the writer has in store for us when it comes to the world she created.

If there wouldn't be a sequel, I would have thought that a lot was left to the imagination. Then I would compare Tempus to the Darkest Powers series by Kelly Armstrong, in that even after all three books, not everything was completely wrapped up.

Anyway this way we get to see more of that world and I hope that by the end of the series, Tyra Lynn doesn't leave too many questions unanswered.

Ruby This was a fantastic book. I loved the chemistry between Jessie and Gabriel and I am a sucker for a happy ending. Can't wait to read the next one.

message 9: by Tyra (new) - added it

Tyra Lynn Thank you to everyone. I love getting a 'glimpse' into everyone's thoughts. :-)

Daphne Tyra...I'm going to buy this and will happily review. So far, I love the review.

message 11: by Tyra (new) - added it

Tyra Lynn Daphne wrote: "Tyra...I'm going to buy this and will happily review. So far, I love the review." Thanks, Daphne. I look forward to hearing your review!

Daphne Tyra wrote: "Daphne wrote: "Tyra...I'm going to buy this and will happily review. So far, I love the review." Thanks, Daphne. I look forward to hearing your review!"

Girl! That was good. I hope you are buried away in your favorite room writing book 2 :)

message 13: by Tyra (new) - added it

Tyra Lynn Daphne wrote: "Girl! That was good..."
Just read and "liked" (since there is no "loved") your review. THANK YOU! :D

message 14: by Aya (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aya El Far Tyra when is Arcanus released? I'm dying waiting to read it

message 15: by K.M. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K.M. Neuhold i loved this book so much! any idea of a release date for the next?

message 16: by Sami (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sami When is the second one going to be released. There is no new updates on it and it was due to come out last year.

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