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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson
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Jun 08, 2011

it was ok
Read from May 28 to June 07, 2011

One of the more frustrating books I have ever read. Some good writing, but with terrible characters and dodgy plotting--an infuriating combination.

The author can turn a nice phrase. But, the Major excepted, the characters are terrible. I know so little about Mrs. Ali, which is a shame; she seemed like she must have been a hell of a lady.

The son, Roger, is particularly weak; he's a complete cartoon. Ooh, a shallow young man, who condescends to and fails to understand his dad? Really? Let me guess: Does he work in finance? Why, yes. Is he self-absorbed, ambitious but not very bright, and tactless? Check, check, check. Does he favor inappropriately flashy clothes and dumb, easily mockable modern decor? Of course he does. I shouldn't be able to predict every single aspect of a character's behavior, but I was.

There were similar problems with the plot: There were several scenes where I thought, "Oh, BS. The author has no idea about this." A lot of the gun stuff, specifically, and people's behavior at a hunt, was simply not credible.

It took me a while to finish this, because I kept thinking, "Oh, I should read more of that, but I don't wanna." After a while, I'd get brave and pick it up, and sure enough soon I'd be chuckling or saying, "Oh, that's nice!" to a specific line. But boy, it felt long.


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Cindy Hoobler I find this whole line of thought depressingly dumb. It's a beautiful book filled with great characters. If you are too stupid to like it, can't you have the grace to be quiet about it?

message 2: by Hannah (new) - added it

Hannah Gaeta1 wrote: "You're right--how foolish of me to judge something by half a century's worth of experience. Go play somewhere else."

haha - you tell her, Gaeta! I couldn't even finish this POS. Guess I'm even more stupid then you :O

message 3: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Cindy, 2 years later, but wow! What a snarky, rude comment! Goodreads is around so we can read other people's opinions about books, not judgments on their intelligence. I personally found this particular book to be rather predictable and somewhat boring, but not altogether bad by any means. Either way, I enjoy hearing what others have to say. Unfortunately, I ran across your comment and it turned my enjoyment sour. Not classy little missy.

Heather @Rachael I really agree! I really enjoyed the book but what a snide comment to make! Some people have no respect!

Elizabeth Misitano This review is completely accurate.

Narelle I also completely agree with Claudia's review. Up until this point I was quite impressed by the level-headed responses from most people in the comments at Goodreads. @Cindy - Not everyone is going to like a book, and while you are perfectly allowed to disagree with a review, it really is not cool to call the reviewer stupid.

Susan I guess you didn't read until the end, he did come down off his high horse.

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